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Tor Bug Tips May Not be so “Anonymous” – Dumb

First let me tell you the meaning of ‘Tor’. It is a web browser that lets users surf anonymously without having their locations and activities tracked. It was developed by the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory and is widely used by rights activist groups, military and even Government Communication Headquarters.

Tor reported that it continuously receives help from suspected NSA agents in fixing anonymously reported bugs. The question that people ask is, who has the time and knowledge to dissect the programs coding and find these bugs. Probably not your “average Joe.” This is the main reason behind the suspicion.

At this point, it is only a hunch that Tor’s Executive Director, Andrew Lewman, has. In an interview, he stated that there was no evidence proving that the anonymous tips were coming from these agencies. He just found it all very odd because it would take very sophisticated knowledge of how Tor’s coding works to notice a bug in the system. Additionally, Lewman said, “there are plenty of people in both organizations that can anonymously leak data to us saying ‘maybe you should look here’ or ‘maybe you should fix this.”

Tor has been a hot topic around the world. Many Governments have showed in interest in getting information from Tor. Russia even offered up 100,000 dollars for somebody to hack into their database. The Tor browser is one of the only browsers left that gives users some kind of privacy when they are online. Tor takes an extreme amount of pride in what it does.

So far the tips that have come from the possible agencies are actually helping the company secure the browser, making it less vulnerable to hacking. Some people say that the tips may be coming from people of NSA, who were upset over the spying of government.

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