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TowerSec ECUSHIELD Solves Automotive Cyber Security Challenge

DETROIT, Feb. 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — TowerSec ECUSHIELD stops car cyber threats now and in a future.

“ECUSHIELD is a usually tested and proven program confidence resolution permitted for evident deployment,” pronounced Saar Dickman, TowerSec CEO. “We invested years of investigate and engineering bid in building this product. It detects and prevents cyber threats on vehicles in genuine time and can be integrated into existent and destiny vehicles with no redesign. It is permitted for reduction than $10 a vehicle.”

Protecting vehicles from cyber threats is a vital issue. A just-released news by Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Massachusetts) addresses a need for automotive cyber confidence as complicated technologies open a doorway to hackers.

While similar with Senator Markey that new standards are indispensable to overpass confidence and remoteness gaps in cars and trucks, Dickman forked out there is most some-more “under a hood” in terms of providing cyber confidence for destiny vehicles than is publically known.

TowerSec has using projects with automakers and suppliers that confederate ECUSHIELD record into vehicles.

“While we can't criticism on specific attacks on vehicles and inclination done by hackers we can contend a goal, as good as a idea of a customers, is to safeguard vehicles are protected and secure,” Dickman said. “As vehicles turn some-more and some-more connected a hazard increases and will be even larger when self-driving or unconstrained cars turn available. TowerSec’s ECUSHIELD is a answer.”

Once integrated into a CAN-BUS permitted ECU or telematics control unit, ECUSHIELD provides continual monitoring while identifying new threats to a vehicle. It prevents antagonistic communication from reaching goal vicious systems inside a car that could put lives and personal information during risk.

With ECUSHIELD no redesign is needed. It is stretchable and can be simply integrated into new and used vehicles, including fleets. It turns any ECU into an Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDS/IPS) complement and any gateway ECU into a intelligent firewall.

TowerSec’s work is famous by a automobile industry. It was recently named a Hottest Startup in 2015 during a North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) for a work on automotive cyber security.

“This endowment serve establishes TowerSec as a heading tellurian resolution provider preventing threats complicated vehicles face currently or will face in a future,” pronounced Dickman.

About TowerSec

TowerSec, a tellurian automotive cyber confidence supplier, delivers on-board cyber confidence record to OEMs, suppliers and a aftermarket that will stop cyber threats now and in a future. Founded in 2012 TowerSec combines automobile attention believe with Israeli cyber confidence to broach a on-board solutions. Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, TowerSec also has an bureau in Berlin, Germany, and an RD core in Tel-Aviv, Israel, TowerSec maintains a tighten attribute with a clients and partners. For some-more information greatfully visit  www.tower-sec.com

Contact: TowerSec communications: Phone:+1-734 333-7000, [email protected]







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