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Toyota again ranked as many profitable automotive brand

Toyota stays a many profitable automobile code in a universe in an annual consult by Interbrand.

The Japanese automaker ranked eighth altogether in a survey, behind corporate icons such as first-place Apple, Google during second and Coca-Cola during third.

However, Toyota – that is relocating a North American domicile to Plano – placed good forward of other automotive brands in a survey.

Among a factors that a code consultant deliberate in a consult were ongoing investment and government of a brand, financial opening and a strength of a code with consumers.

Interbrand also gives Toyota credit for a care in green-technology development, citing some-more than 3 million sales of a Prius hybrid worldwide over a final 17 years.

The association has ranked Toyota as a tip automotive code given 2004, according to TheDetroitBureau.com. Interbrand pronounced Toyota’s code value increasing 20 percent over a final year.

Besides Toyota, other automotive brands that placed in a consult and their viewed boost in value included:

Honda, No. 20 in a altogether consult with a 17 percent benefit in code value.

Volkswagen, No. 31 with a 23 percent gain.

Ford, No. 39, with an 18 percent increase.

Hyundai, No. 40, with a 16 percent jump.

Audi, No. 45, with a 27 percent increase.

Nissan, No. 56, with a 23 percent gain.

Porsche, No. 60, with an 11 percent increase.

Kia, No. 74, with a 15 percent gain.

Chevrolet, No. 82, with a 10 percent increase.

Land Rover, No. 91, that perceived a initial ranking in a survey.



Article source: http://bizbeatblog.dallasnews.com/2014/10/toyota-again-ranked-as-most-valuable-automotive-brand.html/

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