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Toyota leads automotive rankings in list of tip 100 tellurian brands

Brand consultancy organisation Interbrand has suggested their annual list of a 100 tip tellurian brands. In a automotive zone Toyota has once again taken a tip spot, entrance in eighth overall, behind giants like Apple, Google and Coca-Cola.

Interbrand’s list is dynamic by 3 pivotal factors, epitomised as financial performance, a purpose a code plays in purchasing decisions, and a opposition strength of a brand. Only 13 automotive brands burst a tip 100.

8: Toyota. Growth in China and Europe was cited for a burst from tenth place final year, as good as a repute for solid, peculiarity products.

10: Mercedes-Benz. A spate of new models resulted in a 14 percent boost in sales in a US and 9.5 percent globally. S-Class sales increasing 60 percent while a CLA- and GLA-Class wooed younger customers.

11: BMW. A notice of creation with immature technologies, interjection to a i3 and i8 models and a EfficientDynamics apartment opposite a rest of a lineup helped a association keep gait with opposition Mercedes-Benz.

20: Honda. Though a “golden age” noted by a “Powered by Honda” tagline has waned, a lapse to Formula One and partnerships with Google and Apple will assistance a code lapse to prominence, with a assistance of strength as a motorcycle builder in rising markets.

31: Volkswagen. Double-digit expansion in a Chinese marketplace and a new Golf and Up! have done a code a Top Riser of 2014.

39: Ford. A uninformed new product portfolio has helped Ford boost sales by 12 percent worldwide, with strength in a US and Asia-Pacific markets.

40: Hyundai. The Korean automaker is still one of a fastest flourishing automakers, with region-specific models in nations like Brazil and China lifting a code out of a viewed standing as a automotive discount bin.

45: Audi. Sales have increasing by 8.3 percent, a perfection of dual decades branding as sporty, lush and technologically sophisticated. It is a tip oppulance marque in Europe and China.

56: Nissan. One of 2014′s Top Risers, with double-digit distinction increases interjection to strength in China and a US, and a unifying of a code and products globally.

60: Porsche. Described as an “iconic” brand, a broadening of models on both a supercar and entry-level oppulance ends of a marketplace have helped expostulate record profits.

74: Kia. The Hyundai auxiliary has re-branded itself as a stylish contender that appeals to immature buyers rather than a default choice for budget-conscious buyers.

82: Chevrolet. Solid compress models like a Cruze and continued expansion of icons like a Corvette and Camaro have helped code strength worldwide notwithstanding US recalls.

91: Land Rover. The Indian-owned oppulance SUV builder has seen a 15 percent expansion in sales in 42 markets, while peculiarity ratings have softened somewhat as well.

A fourteenth code descending underneath a automotive shred was Harley Davidson, a American motorcycle maker, that ranked 87th.

Article source: http://www.leftlanenews.com/interbrand-2014.html

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