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Travel Channel Pulls Adam Richman’s Show After Instagram Tirade

Richman had posted a print of his new weight detriment with a argumentative hashtag “#thinspiration” that is mostly related to pro-eating commotion messages. As some-more people began to call him out for this use of a term, Richman dismissed behind with expletive-filled responses, and even told one commenter to “[g]rab a razor blade and pull a bath. we doubt anyone will skip you.” He eventually apologized for his actions around Twitter though those tweets have now been deleted. The Washington Post writes that Richman expelled an reparation to Good Morning America currently writing, “I am impossibly contemptible to everybody I’ve hurt.”

Man Finds Food appears to have been private from Travel Channel’s website and a channel would not endorse to a Washington Post that a report change was due to Richman’s amicable media activity. The group behind a uncover sound carefree about a new premiere date, writing on Facebook yesterday, “Still watchful for a airing date for a show.” Eater has reached out to Travel Channel for a comment.

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Article source: http://eater.com/archives/2014/07/01/travel-channel-pulls-adam-richmans-show-after-instagram-tirade.php

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