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Travel Consultants bustling engagement trips to warmer climates


How does a outing to a Caribbean sound right about now?

The icicles might be unresolved on a pointer during Martin Travel in Roanoke, though inside transport consultants are engagement trips to warmer climates.

“It’s crazy bustling right now,” pronounced Judy Miron, transport consultant with Martin Travel.

January by May is always a bustling time of year in a transport business.  Throw in a new blast of winter continue and even some-more people are engagement vacations.

“When a temperatures are 82 in a Caribbean and Mexico and it’s frozen here,
people are entrance in by a droves observant ‘send me somewhere warm,’” Miron said.

Many people come in looking to find a best value.   ” Their best value is going to be Mexico, maybe a Dominican Republic, Jamaica,” Miron said.  There are also a lot of specials on cruises right now that a folks during Martin Travel are engagement for customers.

Most people spend a lot of time online perplexing to devise their possess vacation.   Miron pronounced transport professionals can help.

“The normal chairman spends 10 and hours looking during vacation ideas. We are professionals. We understanding with this everyday,” Miron said.  “We will do a work for we and supplement no cost to it.” 

Miron pronounced if we devise your possess outing we might find something that looks good online though turns out not be as good as we expected.

“We know those places they’re meddlesome in.  We can assistance slight down what they’re looking for and we’re a ones doing a works instead of them,” Miron said.

Martin Travel is now in a new location.  It changed to Townside Festival on Franklin Road in Roanoke in Dec and is set to have an central grand opening this spring.

Martin Travel is also charity information sessions on getaways.

Upcoming events include:

Feb 24- Luxury River Cruises with Viking River Cruises 6pm-8pm Holiday Inn Valley View, Roanoke

Mar 15- The Great Land of Ireland with CIE Tours  2pm-4pm Holiday Inn Valley View, Roanoke

May 14-  Exotic South America with Tauck Tours  6pm-8pm Holiday Inn Valley View, Roanoke

Jul 28-   African Safari Presentation with African Travel 6pm-8pm Holiday Inn Valley View, Roanoke

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