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Travel gadgets of a past that could have revolutionized travel, though didn’t

The Apple Watch isn’t a initial technological tool that has brought with it expectations of a large impact on how we travel. There are many other gadgets that have come in and revolutionized a approach we get around.

Consider how this new wearable will be used for navigation, commerce and even translation, it’s also value holding a demeanour behind during a predictions that unequivocally did not come true.

In hindsight, a failures seem obvious. Did we unequivocally consider we’d all be zipping around on Segways in 2015?


What could be improved than chubby on a trek and afterwards mountainous by a air?

Incarnations of a jetpack enclosed “rocket belts,” “rocket chairs” and even a “flying cake pan.”

Now, detached from water sports, jetpacks are a dream of a past.


Ideas for drifting ships go behind centuries, yet a complicated jet aircraft clearly won this war.

At a commencement of a 20th century, a Zeppelin — grown by German count Ferdinand von Zeppelin — done some-more than 1,500 flights, and carried some-more than 10,000 passengers. It was fundamentally a initial blurb airline in existence, yet a success was shortlived.

Not everybody has given adult on a idea, though.

A British association is working on a hulk airship that would be a world’s largest drifting craft.

The Sinclair C5

“Imagine a vehicle,” a strange ad said, “that can expostulate we 5 miles for a penny.”

The “electrically assisted pedal cycle” done adult in cuteness what it lacks in style, application and speed. And a weirdness has been appealing adequate to say a cult following.

The Segway

Introduced in 2001, a Segway got a lot of courtesy yet sales were limited. About 24,000 were sole by 2006.


Image: Flickr, GillyBerlin

So because didn’t it take off?

“It’s figure is not innovative, it’s not elegant, it doesn’t feel anthropomorphic,” a late Steve Jobs said of a Segway.

The Segway lives on among some civic debate groups, and has found some niche success, yet it hasn’t come tighten to changing how a masses travel.

Google Glass

It’s not too shortly to call Google Glass a failure, during slightest in a stream incarnation.

Glass had a series of missteps, commencement with attracting a derogatory term for users before it even gained critical adoption.

Apple, with a new Watch, might uncover it schooled from Google’s mistakes — yet afterwards again, it could make a same ones all over again.

Even yet there have been some truly fantastic transport record fails, it’s extraordinary what has succeeded. We can now book craft tickets and hotel bedrooms with a few swipes of a thumbs, burst on a jet and be on a other side of a world overnight, and share photos and videos of a travels in an present — and who knows what’s next?

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Article source: http://mashable.com/2015/04/13/failed-travel-gadgets/

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