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Travel Gift Guide: Road Warriors Offer Ideas and Inspiration

Seeking a ideal present for a traveler? Here’s some impulse from highway warriors and transport professionals: author Paul Theroux; Salamander Hotels CEO Sheila Johnson; Irhal app creator Irfan Ahmad; and Young Travel Professionals owner Karen Magee.



Theroux’s many new travelogue is “Deep South: Four Seasons on Back Roads.”

MUST-HAVES: we never transport though during slightest 3 books, customarily novels, not stream ones though classics — scarcely always paperbacks that we will give divided after I’ve review them. Always a cover with a good binding. Always dual or 3 pens — privately Lamy ballpoints. Driving in a low South for my book, we always had bottles of booze in a behind of my automobile and mostly food, for those late stops in remote motels where they have microwaves.

COULD USE: Probably a new hat, called a Voyager — done by Lock Co. Hatters in London. Mine is really battered. You can hurl them adult and container them.

TO GIVE: It all depends on a person. For a new friend, maybe a book of cave associated to a apart place, my novel “The Lower River” (set in Africa), or “The Elephanta Suite” (set in India). For an aged friend, a classical book, “Madame Bovary.” For someone we loved, we would buy a square of luggage from Glaser Designs in San Francisco.



Johnson, co-founder of Black Entertainment Television, also founded Salamander Hotels Resorts and lives 10 mins from Salamander’s flagship skill in Middleburg, Virginia.

MUST-HAVES: we container things that are easy to lift and select during a same time — equipment that make me feel good and demeanour good, though snarl or stress. A friendly black sweater. Elegant flats. And a hang from my headband collection (SheilaJohnsonCollection.com), that is good for staying comfortable on a craft and can accessorize any outfit.

COULD USE: I’d adore a warm, oversized bathrobe. It’s like jacket yourself in comfort, wherever we are. To me, when I’m traveling, there’s zero improved to come behind to than a soft, friendly bathrobe we can only penetrate into and relax in — generally after a prolonged day out hiking or sightseeing. One of my favorite bathrobe brands and styles is UGG’s Duffield.

TO GIVE: A great, versatile square of luggage is a best present we can imagine. TUMI luggage is my personal preference. we like a weight, expansiveness and character (like a Tegra-Lite extended outing make-up case). Walt Whitman once wrote, “every cubic in. of space is a miracle” — and when you’re traveling, that’s positively a case!



Ahmad combined a Irhal app for Muslim travelers, that includes 90-plus city guides with halal restaurants, mosques and request timings for any city.

MUST-HAVES: My No. 1 transport partner is now my phone. In a past, not distinct a 108 million associate Muslims who transport each year, we indispensable a compass to find a instruction of Mecca to contend my prayers in a new city. Today, my phone with a Irhal app has a built-in compass.

ALSO: My navy blue Sperry top-siders — a strange two-eye vessel shoe that can demeanour cold on a beach and accidentally superb in any celebration we need to attend while traveling. And of course, for that astonishing grave event, a Polo Ralph Lauren navy blue competition coat/blazer with coronet buttons that even creates a T-shirt demeanour respectable.

COULD USE: we need to reinstate my pull-along bag that we use to strengthen my laptop while traveling. … we am looking for that ideal saddle-leather antique-looking, weather-beaten bag with complicated spinner wheels that trip opposite a aisle with ease. The ideal mix of imperishable leather and complicated comfort.

TO GIVE: A GoPro for a adventure-seeker who loves bungee-jumping or zip-lining. A phone battery backup for a always-connected millennial.



Magee is a hotelier and owner of Young Travel Professionals, with over 10,000 members globally.

MUST-HAVES: Moisturizer. To go from a prolonged craft float true to a day full of meetings, generally when it’s a red eye, I’ll use my favorite Fresh Umbrian Clay oil-free lotion.

A turquoise blue Michael Kors Jet Set Travel saffiano receptacle bag is my signature and my savior. It’s light and stout adequate to fit all from my laptop to my makeup bag — plus, it slides underneath a seat.

I always container a change of garments in my carry-on. My usual? A Black House White Market trip dress. The element doesn’t fold and a dress can simply hurl adult into a little ball, ideal for a tiny bag. The tradesman comes out with new patterns each season.

COULD USE: A record association called Bluesmart is formulating a carry-on bag that connects to your phone. It can import itself, assign your inclination in an easy-to-access front pocket, warning we if we are outward of a certain closeness and lane a bag if we can’t find it.

TO GIVE: Passes to a lounge, business category upgrades, hotel room upgrades or an outing when they get to their destination. For ladies, a transport valuables case. For guys, The Art of Shaving has transport kits that my father can’t transport without.


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