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Travel letters: Cedar Breaks’ color? In a eyes of a beholder

Cedar Breaks? Get a tone right

Though a concentration of “A Stage for All” by Sherry Stern [Aug. 10] was on a summer museum in Cedar City, Utah, appreciate we for also mentioning circuitously Cedar Breaks National Monument, where my relatives and we camped and enjoyed exploring twice during a summer vacation loop trips via a West.

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However, we do have to remonstrate with a outline of Cedar Breaks. Stern speaks of it as “red and orange cliffs.” Bryce Canyon National Park is some-more apparent reddish-orange in a coloring of a cliffs; Cedar Breaks’ colors are some-more shrimp-pink. In fact, that’s how we can tell either I’m saying a imitation of Bryce Canyon or Cedar Breaks.

If someone asked me that we prefer, I’d contend Cedar Breaks, since that segment is forested and I’m a tree lover, carrying grown adult in a camping/traveling family. Bryce Canyon is many some-more deserty.

Gail Noon

San Pedro


Would? It’d work

In a Aug. 10 Web Buzz ["Swapping Stories on Medium.com"], Jen Leo asked: “Do we wish to be a author or a reader?” She critiques a website Medium.com, indicating out that: “It’d be good if a hunt bar….” Why not usually write, “It would be good if a hunt bar”?

Surely, space in a imitation book of a Travel territory is not that singular that one some-more word in an essay should matter.

David Tulanian

Los Angeles




As a French-born citizen we take displeasure during a outline in a Aug. 10 minute “Cycle Tourists” that referred to Jean Moulin as a “controversial personage.” Uninformed American tourists would do good reading about a country’s history.

Even a discerning peek during a Wikipedia site would surprise them of a accomplishments and martyrdom of this inhabitant hero. Do not usually heave what a feeble sensitive beam has said. Jean Moulin was eliminated to a Pantheon, resting among other French heroes.

Jeanine Hyatt

Coto de Caza


Cornell ‘tiny’? Not during all

Though a essay on “tiny” Cornell is prolonged overdue ["Time to Savor" by Rafe Judkins, Aug. 3], we would like to indicate out that Cornell, determined in 1915, is not during all “tiny.” In reality, Cornell is physically incomparable than a 4 cities it borders.

The area between Malibu, Westlake Village, Agoura Hills and Calabasas, that includes distraction areas and state parks, is all partial of Cornell.

Cornell’s usually disaster is that many of it bears a 91301 ZIP Code, that appears to be a default for Agoura Hills.

Paul Culberg


(Culberg is a member of a Cornell Recognition Campaign)


Oregon bike adventures

As many as Chris Erskine’s essay about biking around Portland, Ore., was good ["Cycle City," Aug. 3], there is many some-more to biking in Oregon itself. My daughter owns a smashing business in Bend called Cog Wild. It is a bicycle furloughed business that takes guest on trips from one-day to week-long adventures all over a executive seashore of Oregon. They revisit wineries and go stone climbing.

Carole Schiffer

Los Angeles

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