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Travel Salem launches Salem Greeters Program, relating visitors with locals …

Salem is a initial city in Oregon and fourth in a republic to launch a Greeters Program, a approach for proffer hosts with internal believe to share it with visitors from out of town.

The module puts Salem in a organisation that has usually New York City, Chicago and Houston as U.S. members.

Tourists formulation a outing to a Salem area are speedy to pointer adult for a walking debate by a Salem Greeters Program, that is run by a city caller bureau, Travel Salem (travelsalem.com).

In partnership with a Global Greeters Network, a Salem Greeters Program aims to encourage a deeper tie between visitors and a internal village by relating visitors with residents who will share their believe and insights about a Salem area.

Volunteer Greeters take particular tourists and tiny groups of 6 or reduction on free, spontaneous walks, essentially around a city’s downtown core, that is home to shops, cafés, art galleries and other informative and chronological gems. Tours can be customized to accommodate a visitor’s specific interests and typically final one to dual hours.

“Greeters are not veteran debate guides,” points out Lourdes Gomez, Travel Salem’s end growth manager and coordinator of a Salem Greeters Program, in a matter announcing a program. Rather, they share personal anecdotes about vital and operative in Salem, along with engaging chronological contribution and ideas about what to see and do in a area.

Salem residents Ron Kelemen and Kathy Ellis-Kelemen have taken partial in walking tours in other cities and now offer as volunteers with a Salem Greeters Program.  “My father and we demeanour for these tours whenever we transport as it unequivocally creates a place come alive,” pronounced Ellis-Kelemen, according to Travel Salem.

While some-more than 90 cities worldwide now attend in a Global Greeter Network, that began in 1992 in New York City.

To report a tour, go to salemgreeters.com and fill out a online ask form, or call a Travel Salem Visitors Center during 800-874-7012. Visitors are asked to contention requests during slightest 7 days in allege of their visit.

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Article source: http://www.oregonlive.com/travel/index.ssf/2015/04/travel_salem_launches_salem_gr.html

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