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Twitter keeps alive Twitpic domain and print archive

Twitter will keep alive a domain and print repository of Twitpic, that was set to tighten down on Saturday, a unsuccessful image-sharing website said.

The understanding gives users continued entrance to their photos and other information on Twitpic, though it isn’t transparent for how long.

Twitpic owner Noah Everett wrote in a blog post Saturday that he was happy to announce his company “reached an agreement with Twitter to give them a Twitpic domain and print archive, so gripping a photos and links alive for a time being.”

The Twitpic use let people share their images on Twitter, though mislaid a aptitude as Twitter done it easier to upload photos directly.

The association pronounced progressing this month it was shutting down on Saturday after a unsuccessful merger understanding that was to forestall it from carrying to close. Everett pronounced a merger had been prematurely announced as eventually “agreeable terms could not be met” with a intensity buyer. Twitpic had pronounced final month it would tighten down after a heading brawl with Twitter. “Unfortunately we do not have a resources to deflect off a vast association like Twitter to say a symbol that we trust whole heartedly is justly ours,” wrote Everett in September.

As Twitpic’s user bottom consists of Twitter users, it done clarity to keep a information with Twitter, Everett wrote Saturday. “Twitter shares a idea of safeguarding a users and this data,” he added.

Twitpic’s website will continue in a view-only mode and will not accept new photos and data. Users can still login to their profiles, undo calm or Twitpic accounts, or trade and download their content, Everett said. The iOS and Android apps have been pulled down from their app stores and will no longer be supported, he added.

Twitter could not be immediately reached for comment.

Internet archivists Archive Team pronounced it had motionless to make a full duplicate of Twitpic as it looks now, since it is uncertain about a intensity changes as a outcome of a agreement between Twitpic and Twitter.

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