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Twitter stops a teasing, rolls out new demeanour to everyone

New Twitter

We’ve been teased for scarcely a month yet finally we get to have a new interface that looks impossibly familiar. As we’ve stated before a new interface takes a page from it’s bigger hermit in a amicable world, Facebook.

You can refurbish your possess comment right now.

It yet seems a bit commanding during first, with a initial posts being distant incomparable with bigger fonts that lessen in distance as your feed goes serve into a past. I’m certain we will get used to it yet as we always do with new interfaces, we all know how we have primarily despised Facebook changes to their layout.

What we don’t like however is a separate between “Tweets” being a default, and “Tweets and replies” that seems to be a prior form feed we knew. The “Tweets” feed is of pristine new calm and statuses that we would assume is to foster new calm yet we mount to be corrected.

Now as a engineer we adore a vast new cover header that is vast adequate to give Google+ a run for it’s income (it stills wins out, yet only hardly since a allows Gif animation). Obviously Twitter wants we to use your possess personal photos yet it has a few representation images in a right size only in case.

Twitter headers

Annoyingly, for whatever reason, a Lists add-on is most hidden, we will find it underneath a ‘More’ add-on along with… good nothing. That’s it; a some-more add-on has a list of one choice being “Lists”. Why this is not a symbol instead of ‘More’ will positively be suggested during a after stage.

What is rather cold is a underline taken from Tumblr’s book of tricks, we can now Pin a twitter to a tip of your profile. Twitter says this can be used along with your unchanging bio to assistance visitors “see what you’re all about.” Though we consider this will be taken advantage of by those who compensate celebrities to foster their brand.

On a lane of promotion, any tweets that get a lot of courtesy such as retweets etc will seem in a incomparable format compared to a others.

It is an engaging change though, will be engaging to see how a Twitterverse reacts to it, what do we consider of a new interface let us know in a comments.

Article source: http://memeburn.com/2014/04/twitter-stops-the-teasing-rolls-out-new-look-to-everyone/

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