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Twitter turns the home page into a news and information hub

Twitter, in an bid to attract new users, is branch a home page into a portal for news and calm around dozens of topics.

Twitter.com has been redesigned to make calm posted to a site some-more permitted to people who do not have accounts with a service. Those people can revisit a site, and as of Wednesday they will find 18 tabs heading to streams of calm on several topics, either it be nation singers, ubiquitous news, or transport guides.

There’s also dozens of other curated streams of calm permitted from links on a home page, with a calm orderly around some-more granular topics like U.S. sovereign agencies, art museums and marriage guides.

Previously, visitors to Twitter.com who did not have accounts were greeted with a sign-up page.

The changes come as Twitter faces stability vigour to grow a series of people who use a site, and find new ways to make income off people who see a tweets and correlate with them. Twitter finished a final entertain of 2014 with 288 million users who record in monthly — a 20 percent boost from a prior year, yet a smallest annual expansion rate Twitter ever reported.

One of Twitter’s biggest problems is that many people still don’t know what it’s for.

With a redesigned home page, a association is perplexing to residence this, by highlighting a site’s value as a source of real-time information and news. The tweets Twitter has comparison for a new streams, a association says, come from some of a many renouned accounts posting on those topics.

People but accounts still can’t do most to correlate with a content. To respond to, re-tweet or “favorite” one of a tweets, a caller is stirred to emanate an account. But with a redesign, Twitter hopes it competence give a uninformed adequate attract to pointer up.

And even but a inundate of new sign-ups, Twitter’s new home page is expected to get some-more tweets in front of some-more people. That could give arise to new promotion methods around those tweets.

Currently, many of a ads on Twitter are targeted formed on a activities and interests of comment holders on a site. Finding new ways to grow a promotion business among people who do not furnish such abounding information will be a plea for Twitter.

Twitter has done other changes to a use to keep new users active. Earlier this year a association began contrast a approach to instantly give new sign-ups personalized content.

The new home page is accessible first in a U.S. on a desktop, Twitter pronounced on Wednesday, yet it will be nearing “to some-more places over time.”

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