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Twitter Updates Trends Experience on Mobile, Retires #Discover and Activity …

Twitter has announced updates to Trends on mobile and a timid of a Discover and Activity screens.

We know that trends aren’t always self-explanatory, so now you’ll see a outline next any trend. Since trends tend to be abbreviations but context, like #NYFW, a outline will make it transparent that this trend is about New York Fashion Week. The new trends knowledge might also embody how many Tweets have been sent and either a subject is trending adult or down.

As partial of this change, we’re relocating trends to a hunt page and timid #discover and activity for all iOS and Android users. We’ve been operative to make calm easier to find over a final several months in places like your home timeline – with recaps and Tweets from within your network – and by efforts like MagicRecs. We’ll continue to make improvements like these in a future.

What’s New In This Version:
● Includes a new, richer Trends knowledge with descriptions, permitted around a hunt button. This recover swaps out a Discover and Activity screens in preference of Trends.

● We’ve also done it easier to supplement your possess comments to other people’s Tweets.

You can download Twitter from a App Store for free.

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