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Twitter’s long-neglected Mac app gets a large refresh

Twitter done good on a guarantee to deliver a mint Mac app on Wednesday, debuting a totally redesigned app that finally brings a desktop customer in line with a web and mobile app counterparts.

Support for facilities that have turn a tack of complicated Twitter usage, such as inline video and charcterised GIFs, finally work, and a app no longer clashes with a pattern cultured of Mac OS X Yosemite and El Capitan. There is also support for a Notification Center widget, something prior versions lacked.

Users can opt for possibly a default Twitter tone intrigue or a new “dark mode,” that matches good with a dim thesis initial introduced in Yosemite. Other changes embody organisation messaging support, a ability to tongue-tied specific accounts, and harmony with Twitter’s new quote character for retweets.

Twitter Mac App Twitter

Twitter’s new dim mode looks good in El Capitan.

There are some things missing, including a capability to use Twitter’s new check feature. The app many some-more manageable overall, though we did run into some teenager bugs including notifications appearing some-more than once. Despite a issues, a disproportion is truly night and day compared to prior versions.

A prolonged time coming

If you’re seeing that many of Twitter 4.0 (as it’s being called) isn’t indeed new, you’re correct. Twitter’s Mac app has languished given a entrance in 2011, and during times seemed totally forgotten. It took two years for a association to recover an initial update, and there have been only dual additional updates since.

Even with a updates many of a facilities that Twitter lauded as critical never done it to a Mac client. Our possess Jason Snell talked about a company’s lack of concentration on a Mac, going so distant as to advise expansion of a app be incited over “to efficient Mac developers and stepping out of a way.”

That competence be a case. While Twitter done a good understanding of grain out of a recover of a new Twitter app during a possess developer conference, there is some idea that Twitter competence be handing a reins to someone else. TechCrunch’s Sarah Perez says sources told her that this many new refurbish to Twitter was built by a third party, nonetheless a association has not reliable that.

While that competence be good news for Mac users it is expected a pointer that Twitter sees a genuine expansion in a height will occur with mobile inclination and not a desktop. We only wish that whomever is building a new Twitter app during slightest creates an bid to keep it current.

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