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Twitter’s Vine Arrives on Apple Watch

Need a small some-more movement on your Apple Watch? It’s about to get a outrageous distillate of calm that should keep we entertained for, oh, during slightest 6 seconds.

Vine, Twitter’s six-second looping video app, updated a iOS app on Tuesday with support for Apple’s smartwatch, along with a few accessible find features.

Vine for Apple Watch has dual feeds: Favorites and Features. Favorites will let we perspective posts from creators you’ve comparison while Featured will let we try “hand-selected” videos opposite channels like Comedy, Music, and Sports. The watch app also lets we Re-Vine loops directly from your wrist.

Vine iOSTo get Vine on your Apple Watch, initial be certain to refurbish to a latest chronicle of Vine for iOS (4.4.0). Then, open a Watch app on your phone, find “Vine,” and capacitate a choice “Show App on Apple Watch.”

You can also supplement a Vine complication to your Apple Watch face to see your account’s sum loops and some-more fast entrance a service. To supplement it, press resolutely on a shade until we can name a watch face, name one with complications (such as a Modular face), afterwards daub “Customize.” From there, only name a space where we wish to see your account’s loops, and corkscrew by a several options to find “Vine.”

“When we set out to build Vine for a Apple Watch, we focused on creation certain that we can fast entrance a calm on Vine that is many critical to we — accounts that we have comparison as a Favorite and posts that are removing lots of views,” Vine iOS Engineer Simon Corsin wrote in a blog post. “We wish we like it.”

Meanwhile, a Vine iOS refurbish also brings a new approach to learn Vines on your iPhone: Just appropriate left on any post to see some-more posts we competence be into. The underline comes after Vine final month introduced a initial chronicle of a recommendation engine to assistance people some-more fast find videos they competence like.

“Since then, we’ve been perplexing new kinds of recommendations and ways to entrance them,” Corsin wrote. “We’re vehement for we to use this underline as we continue to build on it and make it better.”

Finally, it should now be easier to make and learn Vine Remixes from a iOS app. Just daub Tap “…” on any Vine and name “Make an audio remix” to emanate a Vine regulating audio from that post. You can also daub a song note on a post to see lane or sound info, and use a arrow during a tip of your feed to see remixes with a same audio.

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