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Two US-to-Paris Air France flights diverted due to threats.

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Two U.S.-to-Paris Air France flights diverted due to threats.

Jets make puncture landings in Utah and Canada Tuesday night due to threats.



Officials contend dual Air France flights firm for Paris from a U.S. were diverted since of threats on Tuesday night. One craft landed in Salt Lake City, Utah. The other landed in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Both planes have been cleared. (Nov. 18)

Two Air France flights drifting from a U.S. to Paris were diverted to airfields in Utah and Canada Tuesday night due to unknown threats.

The airline reliable that a bomb hazard stirred it to miscarry Air France Flight 65 headed from Los Angeles to Paris and obstruct it to Salt Lake City.

Meanwhile, Air France pronounced it also diverted a Flt. 55 flight that over from Dulles Airport near Washington, D.C., for Paris and redirected it to Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada, since of a similar threat. A orator for Halifax Stansfield International Airport told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that passengers had left the plane.

In Salt Lake City, passengers were seen exiting a hulk Airbus A380 plane and the FBI and airfield military began investigating, according to internal hire KSL-TV. The review was approaching to final a few hours, a station reported.

Kathleen Ingley, 65, of Phoenix, pronounced she and other passengers on Flight 65 were finishing cooking use when a atmosphere vigour began to change. Ingley, a freelance publisher and former Arizona Republic editorial writer, was drifting to Paris to revisit her daughter’s family, a outing she creates 3 or 4 times a year.

“And afterwards a moody attendants told us we would be creation an puncture landing,” Ingley pronounced by phone from a Salt Lake City International Airport. “They told us to put trays on a building and tie a chair belts and get anything out of a aisles. No one had any thought what a problem was. Every probable unfolding runs by your mind.”

The jet made a discerning skirmish toward Salt Lake City, where it was greeted on a tarmac by some-more than a dozen puncture vehicles. Ingley pronounced passengers exited a craft with their bags and were bused to another partial of a airfield to be interviewed and have their bags searched.

Officials on a belligerent during a airfield told passengers that a explosve hazard had stirred a puncture landing, Ingley said.

Recording artist Trevor Moran tweeted that he was on a flight.

Air France posted a matter on Twitter late Tuesday observant both flights had been subjects of unknown threats perceived “after their particular take-offs.” It did not elaborate on a threats though pronounced authorities would control an review to brand “the source of a write call.”

Contributing: The Arizona Republic

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