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Tyler woman, called a "walking miracle," is creation healthy choices to quarrel …

TYLER (KYTX) – 155-thousand Americans are vital with metastatic breast cancer.  That’s a cancer that started in a breast and eventually spreads somewhere else.  An East Texas lady found herself in that position in February.  

Stephanie Odom is a studious during UT Health Northeast’s cancer center.  She found a pile in her breast behind in 2011, during only 32 years old.  Stephanie unequivocally believes her healthy habits before she was diagnosed with breast cancer helped her hoop removal chemotherapy treatments and deviation 3 years later.

 Walking miracle, that’s how people impute to Stephanie Odom.  Looking back, Stephanie wasn’t terribly frightened about her initial lump. “Other women in my family have had soft lumps,” says Stephanie Odom.  But she was active and got that pile checked-out.

“I unequivocally didn’t consider it would occur to me. It happened to my grandmother, my aunt. we was only too immature for that. It only totally threw me,” says Stephanie.

The diagnosis: theatre one invasive ductal carcinoma. “I was unequivocally frightened for a while though afterwards we felt my family and friends accumulate around me and they helped me by it,” says Stephanie.

Stephanie endured 6 rounds of chemo, a detriment of her hair, a double mastectomy and reformation surgery. It is a course of diagnosis that can be heartless on a body, though Stephanie is large on healthy eating and exercise.  ”The chemo for me wasn’t as hard.  I consider since we was in flattering good shape,” says Stephanie.

Stephanie changed to Tyler final year. In October, she started feeling some new pain in her hip. ”My father had mind cancer during a time and we unequivocally couldn’t even let my mind go there that it was a recurrence,” says Stephanie. Stephanie’s breast cancer metastasized to her bones. 

“I had replayed that impulse in my mind of conference for a initial time it was cancer and that felt like a misfortune day in my life, though a second time we was only so scared. It took a while to penetrate in,” says Stephanie. 

Research shows 20% to 30% percent of people primarily diagnosed with early theatre illness will rise metastatic breast cancer. “I initial had a medicine to stabilise my femur.  I had 10 rounds of deviation on my femur and 10 rounds of deviation on my spine since those are a misfortune places,” says Stephanie.

As shortly as she could, Stephanie got behind to exercising.   It turns out, one of Stephanie’s cancer treatments decreases her bone firmness so lifting weight helps.      

Dr. Edward sSauterat UT Health Northeast says practice can strengthen muscles harmed by cancer treatments and support in peculiarity of life.   “It is partial of survivorship in general,” says Dr. Sauter. “Aerobic practice and strengthening exercises, not physique building only progressing good flesh mass.” 

Stephanie finds, “It is also good for your state of mind. It helps forestall depression.  Exercise helps we nap improved and nap is unequivocally good for your health, too.”     

Stephanie has so most wish for her future. “No some-more progression.  Hopefully finish discount if that is possible. It is changing my perspective. we try to do a things that make me happy and healthy,” says Stephanie.  She still gets blood tests and scans like her doctors during UT Health Northeast allot and she encourages other women to listen to their bodies and get mammograms.     

Nurses during UT Health Northeast advise some of their patients join Fit Steps for Life. Stephanie did that when her cancer came behind underneath a superintendence of a earthy therapist. Slowly she got her strength back.

Article source: http://www.cbs19.tv/story/26754174/tyler-woman-called-a-walking-miracle-is-making-healthy-choices-to-fight-metastatic-breast-cancer

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