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U.S. orders Chrysler to answer questions on gait of Jeep recall

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration systematic Chrysler Group LLC in a letter Wednesday to answer questions about what it calls a delayed gait of producing adequate tools to finish a remember of 1.56 million comparison Jeep SUVs that are during risk for fuel tank fires.

NHTSA pronounced it is endangered a automaker is not relocating quick adequate to build tools for a Jun 2013 recall.

Last year, NHTSA rigourously asked Chrysler to remember 2.7 million 1992-98 Jeep Grand Cherokees and 2002-07 Jeep Libertys, observant they were suspectible to gasoline fires ensuing from ruptured gas tanks after serious rear-end crashes. The supervision blames such collisions for a deaths of during slightest 51 people pushing Jeep SUVs.

Chrysler concluded to a some-more singular remember following talks in Jun 2013 between Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne. The automaker announced a repair a trailer join public to assistance strengthen a gas tank, that is located between a back spindle and bumper. But Chrysler pronounced it would not residence all glow concerns.

NHTSA on Wednesday destined Chrysler to answer minute questions and spin over papers that explain because a automaker didnt name a join retailer until December, didnt emanate a squeeze sequence until Jan. 29 and didnt start building hitches until May 14. Last month, Chrysler told NHTSA it would furnish about 2,000 hitches a day and cannot launch a remember repair until Aug. 1.

Chrysler is notifying 1.5 million 1993-1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee and 1 million 2002-2007 Jeep Liberty owners who are partial of a recall, yet not all will get new hitches. NHTSA pronounced it could take Chrysler during slightest 4.7 years and 2.1 years respectively to furnish a compulsory series of Grand Cherokee and Liberty hitches during a stream rate of production.

Even if usually half of owners take part, it would still take Chrysler some-more than dual years to build adequate parts.

NHTSA is therefore endangered that Chrysler does not have, and will not have, sufficient prolongation ability to safeguard that adequate hitches will be accessible to safeguard that a removed vehicles will be remedied expeditiously, NHTSA pronounced in a letter, that seeks answers by Jul 16.

It is intensely surprising for an automaker to wait some-more than 13 months to launch a remember after announcing it.

Chrysler shielded a gait of a remember in a statement.

Launching a reserve remember final formidable engineering and tighten coordination with NHTSA good before an automobile builder accumulates deputy parts. To accommodate a high-volume prolongation compulsory for this campaign, Chrysler Group had to find and enroll mixed new retailer partners to supply volume of this partial that distant exceeded normal demand, Chrysler said. Our retailer partners are committed to a work report of 3 shifts per day, 6 days per week, with occasional Sunday production.

Chrysler also remarkable NHTSA conducted 8 pile-up tests and told Chrysler that it did not have any reservations about doing of Chryslers due remedy.

Chrysler reiterated it does not trust a Jeeps are defective.

Chrysler has pronounced a trailer join cannot discharge a risk caused by high-speed back collisions, though will yield some alleviation in low- to moderate-speed back collisions.

Dealers will implement a hitches. Jeeps that already have factory-installed or Mopar hitches cannot need to get a new ones, though those with conjunction a join nor non-factory-installed hitches will get new ones.

NHTSA pronounced during slightest 32 rear-impact glow crashes involving Grand Cherokees have resulted in 44 deaths, and during slightest 5 rear-impact crashes involving a Liberty have resulted in 7 fatalities. Comparing rates of incidents with identical vehicles, NHTSA pronounced a Grand Cherokee and Liberty are bad performers. Chrysler pronounced that wasnt true.

Chrysler remarkable that fires occur in all vehicles after crashes. According to NHTSAs possess data, on average, some-more than 40 people any day are unprotected to a post-crash fire, and approximately 4 of these people will not survive, a Chrysler minute final Jun said. While any of these cases is tragic, they would not have all been prevented by opposite struck car designs.

Article source: http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20140702/AUTO0101/307020074/U-S-orders-Chrysler-answer-questions-pace-Jeep-recall

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