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Uber launches in-app panic symbol in India

Starting on Feb 11th, Uber passengers in India will have entrance to an in-app panic symbol that alerts internal military in box of emergency. While a ride-hailing use formerly pronounced a underline will be accessible worldwide, it will be expelled in India initial in response to a travel department’s direct for tighter confidence measures. If we recall, a New Delhi lady accused an Uber motorist of rape in December, so a group demanded a earthy panic symbol in cabs, among other confidence features. The dialect even recently asked a supervision to anathema a use for good (its operations were halted for several weeks after a incident), as it believes a association unsuccessful to approve with a demands.

That has stirred Uber to respond by a blog, where it posted all a confidence measures in place within a country, including a some-more difficult motorist screening program. Uber Mumbai’s ubiquitous manager also explained because a association motionless not to put earthy panic buttons in a vehicles:

As a record company, Uber does not possess cars or occupy drivers. We partner with eccentric contractors who are reasonably protected to yield blurb travel by a government. This means that these drivers are giveaway to work with other operators.

Imagine we enter a automobile of a motorist who works on 4 platforms. His/ her automobile will need to have 4 earthy panic buttons. In a conditions of trouble a supplement would have to collect a scold operator’s panic symbol to be means to get assistance on time. That’s 25% possibility of success; and a preference that has to be done and executed in a split-second, if during all.

In further to causing confusion, we found that not usually are earthy buttons disposed to wear and tear, though also automatic malfunctions. There is no approach to safeguard that they are kept in operative condition opposite all a cars in a city.

In further to a digital panic button, Uber has also done it easier for passengers in India to share their routes, driver/car sum and real-time locations with adult to 5 family and friends.

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