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Uber rolls out reserve facilities in the ride-hailing app opposite India

Uber Technologies has started a commander opposite Indian cities of new reserve facilities for a ride-hailing app, though a new measures might cut no ice with regulators in Delhi where a use was banned.

The app will now let users send motorist and car sum to their relatives and friends, and will also have an SOS symbol that will capacitate riders to hit a internal authorities in an emergency.

Uber was criminialized from Delhi in Dec after a purported rape of a lady newcomer by one of a drivers.

It announced in Jan that to keep a use going, it had practical for a assent underneath a city’s revised Radio Taxi Scheme that places tighter controls on cab operators.

To validate underneath this scheme, Uber has to have a swift of during slightest 200 radio taxis directly owned or by an agreement with particular cab assent holders, offer a call center, and yield “panic buttons” in a vehicles for emergencies.

Uber has objected to a earthy panic button, claiming that it does not possess a cars, that could be used by a motorist to offer rides on other cab services as well. If a supplement were to enter a cab that works for contend 4 operators, a cab would need to have 4 earthy panic buttons, Uber pronounced progressing this month in response to a news that a city of Mumbai was deliberation banning a service.

“In a conditions of trouble a supplement would have to collect a scold operator’s panic symbol to be means to get assistance on time,” Uber pronounced in a blog post. Physical buttons are not usually disposed to wear and tear, though also to automatic malfunctions, it added.

As it negotiates a underbrush of regulations in India, Uber is apparently perplexing to position itself as a record intermediary, identical to e-commerce companies, rather than a cab service. That would place a association outward many of a regulations now ruling cab services in a country, according to authorised experts.

Uber pronounced in Jan that a Commissioner of Police in a eastern city of Bidhannagar had upheld an sequence regulating on-demand travel record aggregators as record companies, in suitability with a country’s Information Technology Act 2000, and endorsed that other cities adopt “similarly on-going regulations.”

The new Send Status underline on a Uber app allows riders to share with family and friends sum about their motorist and vehicle, including live GPS tracking and a driver’s photo, name and car assent number, Uber pronounced Wednesday. “Send Status creates it even easier for friends and family to pinpoint your accurate plcae and lane outing swell in genuine time—from start to finish,” it added. The SOS symbol on a app dials a military assistance number.

The app updates are now accessible on Android with an iOS chronicle to follow. Delhi ride authorities could not immediately be reached for criticism on a new app features.

Article source: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2882952/uber-rolls-out-safety-features-in-its-ridehailing-app-across-india.html

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