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UCLA Football Recruiting 2015: Top Commits and Class Outlook After Signing Day

Although UCLA competence not have landed one of a tip few recruits in a 2015 class, a Bruins still walked divided winners on inhabitant signing day. They did a good pursuit of securing some pivotal additions as a dirt staid on maybe a many chaotic day of a college football year.

Coaching staffs around a republic work constantly to secure written commitments. It’s not until signing day, when prospects start creation their final decisions, that they find out where they stand, though. Head manager Jim Mora and Co. should be gratified with this year’s result.

Of course, now it all comes down to actor development. A high star rating doesn’t meant anything if a actor doesn’t grow and make a many of their talent. Let’s check out some of a biggest names streamer to UCLA formed on 247Sports‘ joining tracker and afterwards weigh a class’ outlook.


Top 2015 Commits

Top Recruits in UCLA’s 2015 Class

Overall Rank
Position Rank
Josh Rosen
Keisean Lucier-South
Soso Jamabo
DeChaun Holiday
Chris Clark

247Sports’ Composite Rankings


Class Outlook

As mentioned, a Bruins didn’t land any of a biggest names accessible in terms of a tip 5 players in a nation. Josh Rosen is still a clever tip partisan during No. 12 and removing dual players inside a tip 20 is a superb foundation.

The altogether outcome saw UCLA finish with a seventh-best recruiting category after signing day, according to 247Sports. The site records that was a 12-spot detonate from beforehand. It was an instance of a module gaining some early movement and carrying it by a day.

Mora wasn’t totally satisfied, though. Jack Wang of a Los Angeles Daily News remarkable a manager felt they missed out on some pivotal targets adult front on defense:

He also wanted to make certain a Rosen further wasn’t overlooked. The quarterback has been enrolled during UCLA given January, that took divided a standard courtesy paid to a tip actor during a position. Abbey Mastracco of Fox Sports West supposing Mora’s thoughts on him:

I consider today, kind of mislaid in a shuffle, was Josh Rosen. It was such an sparkling day since there were these new names and these new commitments. Unfortunately since of a hype, though opportunely for us, it was kind of a small bit underneath a radar. But we can’t take divided from a fact that this category includes a No. 1 ranked quarterback and a Rivals No. 1 ranked football actor in a United States of America.

Overall, a category is unequivocally well-rounded, aside from a defensive front. The 5 players listed above are apparently vital building blocks. DeChaun Holiday is of sold seductiveness since he’s got a distance to turn a ideal dilemma for today’s game, presumption he stays during a position.

Edward Lewis of Rivals.com records he could eventually make a switch to far-reaching receiver:

There are several players outward of that tip organisation that could make a discerning impact, as well.

Josh Wariboko is a ensure with large energy and plain short-area quickness. He’s excelled in both pass insurance and run-blocking though any critical technique flaws. He has copiousness of gloss for an incoming beginner and will continue to urge once he gains knowledge opposite tip college linemen.

ESPN Stats Info put a spotlight on a Bruins’ struggles adult front final season:

Then there’s Cordell Broadus. The far-reaching receiver is best famous during this indicate for being Snoop Dogg’s son, that is hapless since he can unequivocally play. A superb route-runner with a good detonate and a moves to make defenders miss.

Bruce Feldman of Fox Sports points out he also has some story with Rosen:

UCLA could supplement another important square in a form of Roquan Smith. Michael Carvell of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution records he creatively chose a Bruins though is watchful to see how some things with a coaching staff play out before a final preference is made.

Ultimately, a category a Bruins brought in is really value it’s top-10 ranking. They were means to fill essential voids during quarterback and on a descent line with tip recruits and build a clever ancillary category around them.

It’s going to take a few years before a full impact of a category is felt. But if a Bruins are means to force their approach into a playoff conversation, fans will expected be means to pinpoint this category as a one that jump-started a championship rejuvenation.


All recruiting sum around 247Sports unless differently noted.

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