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UK hopes to learn from Australia on skin cancer


New total uncover a series of British pensioners being diagnosed with skin cancers has increasing roughly ten-fold in a past 40 years. Cancer researchers are perplexing to get elementary object reserve messages across, observant they pull impulse from a efficacy of identical campaigns in Australia.


MICHAEL BRISSENDEN: It’s famously cold and soppy for most of a year in a UK, though skin cancer rates among a British are soaring.

New total uncover a over 65s are building virulent melanomas during roughly 10 times a rate they were in a 1960s and 1970s.

Cancer recognition groups contend they are looking to Australia for impulse in removing a elementary summary opposite that sun-baking can be dangerous.

Europe compare Barbara Miller reports.

BARBARA MILLER: As a Easter weekend drew to a tighten in a UK, a race in some tools basked in roughly summer-like temperatures.

WEATHER REPORTER: The sun’s shining, temperatures are mountainous adult into a midst to high teenagers and some places nudging 20 degrees.

BARBARA MILLER: It’s precisely since temperatures, even in mid-summer, frequency get over a midst 20s that many Britons haven’t seen skin cancer as a large risk.

But researchers contend a Brits adore of inexpensive holidays in a sun, traditionally in Spain and Greece, is entrance behind to punch them.

In a 1970s around 600 British people were diagnosed any year with skin cancer, now that figure is adult during tighten to 6,000.

Cancer Research UK says a comparison era is profitable now for not covering adult earlier.

Sue Deans, who’s 69, was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2000 and again in 2007.

SUE DEANS: We laid on a beaches in Spain and France and places like that and we usually dripping adult a sun. And a usually we seem to remember a usually object oil it was oil and it was usually to lower your tan, it was to give we a improved tan.

(Extract from slip, slop, slap campaign)

SINGER: Slip, slop, slap, it sounds like a zephyr when we contend it like that. Slip, slop, slap

BARBARA MILLER: This summary sounds so antiquated now to Australian ears, though a British are usually usually removing it.

EMMA SMITH: Cover up, we know we wear a remove t-shirt, a shawl and sunglasses and skin that’s still unprotected use during slightest cause 50 object cream on.

BARBARA MILLER: Dr Emma Smith from Cancer Research UK.

EMMA SMITH: we know something unequivocally critical in Australia, we know a messaging and unequivocally good of removing out so we’re anticipating to do a same for people in a UK and revoke a series of people removing skin cancer.

BARBARA MILLER: Do we demeanour towards Australia for ideas for impulse on how to mountain this kind of campaign?

EMMA SMITH: we consider Australia do it unequivocally well, I’ve even seen a children personification on a beach with their small mini wetsuits so we consider Australia has finished unequivocally good with a messaging and it’s something we wish to compare and be adult there with Australia and be that approach to.

BARBARA MILLER: Around 2100 people die any year in a UK from skin cancer.

And for a nation that doesn’t see that most sun, that’s an shocking figure.

This is Barbara Miller in London stating for AM.

Article source: http://www.abc.net.au/am/content/2015/s4211535.htm

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