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UN condemns conflict on Somali parliament

UNITED NATIONS: As a attacks on Somalian council continue a United Nations attach� to a nation has called on all Somalis to combine with a authorities to frustrate destiny attacks and “bring to probity those behind this ruthless campaign” of apprehension that has strong given a start of Ramazan.

In a press statement, UN Special Representative Nicholas Kay, cursed a conflict on a council and a many killings claimed by Al Shabab given a start of Ramazan.

According to news reports, a automobile explosve went off progressing currently only outward a categorical gates of Parliament in Mogadishu, murdering during slightest 4 people. This is a latest in a fibre of high-profile attacks, including opposite Parliament itself.

Published in Dawn, Jul 6th, 2014

Article source: http://www.dawn.com/news/1117438/un-condemns-attack-on-somali-parliament

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