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Unexpected ad hijacks Samsung intelligent TVs. Bug or arriving feature?

Samsung is carrying a terrible, horrible, no good, really bad week. As if a Orwellian (and given “clarified”) denunciation in Samsung’s SmartTV remoteness process was not adequate to leave a bad ambience in a mouths of customers, it is now being reported that Samsung intelligent televisions – in what looks like a technical glitch – are fixation Pepsi ads in a center of videos for no transparent reason.

On Monday, a Reddit user took to a forum after a year-old Samsung TV began “stopping half approach by a uncover or a movie” and personification a pale Pepsi ad. None of a person’s other devices, such as intelligent phones or tablets, exhibited a same emanate with personal content.

Plex, a streaming service, also felt some blow back when one user upgraded their Media Server and began observant a same Pepsi ad “every 10-15 minutes,” that subsequently caused their TV to restart when attempting to exit a commercial. Subscribers use Plex’s app to tide video to several inclination on a same network.

But a Pepsi ad did not stop there.

Soon, Australians reported experiencing a same Pepsi problem and took to forums on Foxtel, a nation’s largest pay-TV provider, to find a source of a annoyance. The announcement was displayed while regulating Foxtel’s streaming app, that is built into Samsung’s SmartHub interface.

Foxtel was quick to respond on a forum, with one worker saying, “this positively should not be function and has been escalated immediately.”

CNET quoted a Foxtel orator as observant “this was an unintended movement by Samsung that we’re operative closely with them to solve ASAP.”

Not peaceful to take a censure either, Samsung Electronics Australia expelled a following matter to CNET:

“This was a outcome of an blunder that occurred as partial of a new program refurbish that was not dictated for a Australian market. We can endorse that a emanate has now been accurate and that there are now no skeleton to deliver this form of promotion in Australia in a nearby future. Samsung Electronics Australia would like to apologize for any nuisance that this has caused to a customers.”

Plex also forked to Samsung as a perpetrator of a ad. As a association responded to a difficulty on a forum, one worker wrote, “I am perplexing to figure out what is happening, though we think it is Samsung that has incited on some feature. Forcing ads on everyone.”

This technical difficulty raises a question: Is this an arriving underline that sneaked out before it was prepared or simply a bug? Samsung apparently has a energy to spin on this record during a discretion. Could this be a destiny of promotion in television?

This was not a initial time a Samsung intelligent TV has perceived disastrous press over neglected advertising, either. After dual months with his intelligent TV in 2014, tech blogger David Chartier reported a perfected stairs he went by to invalidate a pop-up ads he was experiencing with a TV. In a statement to Business Insider, Samsung simplified that it had been in a partnership with Yahoo given 2011 “to try and rise some-more interactive intelligent TV facilities that will concede consumers a choice to knowledge a new era of home entertainment.”

As The Verge put it, maybe a time to bring behind a reticent TV.

Article source: http://www.csmonitor.com/Innovation/2015/0211/Unexpected-ad-hijacks-Samsung-smart-TVs.-Bug-or-upcoming-feature

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