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Union bloc AFL-CIO spends $30 million-plus on politics

By Jason Hart | Watchdog.org

Labor kinship bloc AFL-CIO spent some-more than $30 million on politics during the past year, shoveling money taken from workers to big-government groups opposite a country.

AFL-CIO reported “Political Activities” totaling $28 million for its 2014 mercantile year, that finished on Jun 30. Another $4.8 million in AFL-CIO payments to domestic nonprofits were reported to a U.S. Department of Labor as “Contributions, Gifts and Grants” or “Representational Activities.”

BIG MONEY: The AFL-CIO bloc spends tens of millions on politics any year

BIG MONEY: The AFL-CIO bloc spends tens of millions on politics any year

AFL-CIO’s primary income tide is a per-capita taxation member unions compensate with money taken from workers. Private-sector workers in 26 states and public-sector workers in 23 states can be forced to compensate kinship “agency fees” as a condition of employment.

Although federal law restricts what unions can use mandatory fees for, AFL-CIO and a affiliates account revolutionary domestic groups underneath a guise of representation. Agency price payers can ask to have the “nonchargeable” apportionment of their fees refunded and might brawl a “chargeable” amount, though both processes are time-consuming and contingency be steady annually.

Expenditures AFL-CIO reported as domestic from Jul 1, 2013, to Jun 30, 2014, embody $3,923,950 to AFL-CIO’s Committee on Political Education domestic transformation committee, $617,550 to severe information firm Catalist, and $559,975 to severe organizing organisation NGP VAN.

“Progressive” romantic groups perceived substantial support from AFL-CIO during a past year: AFL-CIO gave $200,000 to Sixteen Thirty Fund, $198,951 to We Are Wisconsin, $130,000 to American Family Voices and $110,750 to Democracy Alliance, a clearinghouse for contributions to severe nonprofits.

Economic Policy Institute, a kinship consider tank, perceived $50,000 from AFL-CIO, while Americans United for Change perceived $45,000, Ballot Initiative Stragey Center perceived $30,000 and Center for American Progress Action Fund perceived $25,000.

AFL-CIO gave MSNBC horde Al Sharpton’s National Action Network $50,000, gave ProgressNow $30,000, and gave Progressive Congress Action Fund $12,000. AFL-CIO also paid Center for Media and Democracy, best famous for hard-left websites PR Watch and ALEC Exposed, $20,730.

The kinship bloc contributed millions to a various constituency groups during a 2014 mercantile year. Working America, created in 2003 to convene support for AFL-CIO’s priorities among nonmembers, perceived $9,234,362 from AFL-CIO flagged as domestic spending. Alliance for Retired Americans perceived $999,996, and A. Philip Randolph Institute perceived $189,996.

Working America perceived another $4,350,084 from AFL-CIO for representational activities, although Working America is an categorically domestic organization.

“Together, and in oneness with operative people opposite a country, we quarrel for a common interests—good jobs, affordable health care, education, retirement security, corporate burden and genuine democracy,” Working America’s goal matter asserts.

AFL-CIO also reported representational activities payments of $80,625 to a Oakland-based “progressive transformation building” Movement Strategy Center, $67,500 to National Public Pension Coalition, $63,320 to Wage Justice Center and $28,000 to a possess Working for America Institute.

“Labor prolonged ago deserted even a disguise that a primary proclivity is workman representation. The fact is that unions in America duty as small some-more than ATM’s for a Democratic Party, channeling oceans of income to on-going politicians and romantic groups year after year,” Matt Patterson, executive executive of a Center for Worker Freedom during Americans for Tax Reform, told Watchdog.org around email.

“The under-reported snub is that most of that income comes from a pockets of dues-paying members, many of whom have no choice though to obey partial of their compensate to a kinship either they can means it or not, or either they support that domestic bulletin or not,” Patterson added.

In a open zone alone, more than 250,000 Americans compensate imperative organisation fees to unions, including AFL-CIO affiliates American Federation of Teachers and American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

Expenditures AFL-CIO reported to DOL as contributions, gifts and grants embody $25,000 to kinship front organisation Jobs With Justice and $25,000 to revolutionary think-tank Center for Economic and Policy Research.

AFL-CIO also contributed $50,000 to Leadership Committee on Civil and Human Rights, $25,000 to National Employment Law Project, $20,000 to The American Prospect, $10,000 to Campaign for Community Change and $10,000 to Campaign for America’s Future.

The kinship powerful organisation gave $10,000 to Demos, $10,000 to Interfaith Worker Justice and $5,000 any to USAction, League of Young Voters, United States Student Association and Americans for Democratic Action.

Whether stating a expenditures as domestic activity, representational activity or simply contributions, AFL-CIO redistributes millions from workers to organizations sharing Big Labor’s support for aloft smallest salary mandates, increasing supervision spending and aloft taxes on American employers.

Article source: http://watchdog.org/175345/aflcio-union-politics/

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