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Upland High tyro wins $33000 automotive grant to UTI

David Moreno, 18, of Upland, is in a Ford FACT (Ford Accelerated Credential Training) module automobile shop, during a Universal Technical Institute in Rancho Cucamonga, CA., Wednesday, Sep 17, 2014. The Upland High comparison was comparison to accept a full fee grant to a Automotive Technology module during UTI’s Rancho Cucamonga campus to pursue his passion for a career in a travel industry. (Photo by James Carbone for a Inland Valley Daily Bulletin)

RANCHO CUCAMONGA David Moreno has always been a bit indifferent and to himself. But a 18-year-old has always found comfort in regulating cars.

When a event to get a full-ride grant to Universal Technical Institute hinged on recording a video for a inhabitant foe saying since he deserved to win, Moreno was out of his comfort zone.

“I wasn’t too lustful of a video. But we sucked it adult and did it,” pronounced Moreno recently while visiting a Rancho Cucamonga campus.

It paid off. Moreno, an Upland High senior, will accept a $33,000 full-tuition grant to enroll during Universal Technical Institute’s automotive record module during a Rancho Cucamonga campus to pursue his passion for a career in a travel industry.

The grant was offering by a MikeRoweWORKS Foundation and UTI to students opposite a nation.

Over a summer, Moreno pre-enrolled in a Automotive Technology and Ford FACT programs during a Rancho Cucamonga campus. It was afterwards a admissions advisor during UTI sensitive him about a grant opportunity.

At a support of his mother, Shawna Moreno-Coroson, he available a video pity his lifelong passion for operative on cars.

But his chances during winning looked a small grave during first. Moreno was primarily behind in a standings since he didn’t comprehend until a day after that voting had non-stop to a public.

He started off in 30th place and afterwards jumped adult to 29th place. Moreno went behind and onward in a standings a integrate of times yet any time there was movement, his mom was on her mechanism or phone perplexing to hoard some-more votes.

“The votes were a hardest part. we kept going behind and onward between spots,” Moreno said.

His mom pronounced she doesn’t consider she ate a full dish during a voting period, spending all her giveaway time promulgation messages seeking friends of friends to opinion for her son.

“Our friends came by in such a outrageous way,” she said.

Had he not won, Moreno-Corson pronounced she would have found a approach to assistance send her son to go a technical school.

“I knew what a outrageous impact removing a grant would make,” she said. “It is tough and I’m so unapproachable of him for creation that effort, even yet it was out of his comfort zone.”

Moreno pronounced his passion for cars began when in he was in his youth, spending large weekends with his grandfather examination him work on his Mazda Miata and assisting where he could. At Upland High, Moreno has already finished a automobile module and is now holding vocational classes in Claremont.

Now Moreno has his automobile to work on, a 1982 Nissan Dotson, that he got from his grandfather. He estimates he’ll need during slightest $1,000 to get it to run smoothly.

To his family, Moreno has spin their de facto mechanic. They spin to him when their oil or brakes need to be changed.

When operative on cars – possibly his possess or one of his family member’s automobile – Moreno pronounced he mostly loses lane of time.

“I still have a lot to learn. Working on cars is only awesome. There’s this feeling when we repair it and we get it to work, that’s an overwhelming feeling – meaningful that we can make it better,” he said. “It’s tough to contend what it feels like in words.”

Sean Carlson, boss of a UTI-Rancho Cucamonga Campus, pronounced Moreno is a good fit for a technical school.

“He’s going to travel in a doorway carrying a lot of skills that some other students don’t have. He’s going to be that most serve forward than anybody else,” he said.

Article source: http://www.dailybulletin.com/social-affairs/20141016/upland-high-student-wins-33000-automotive-scholarship-to-uti

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