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US Automotive Industry Needs an Innovation & Value Wakeup Call!

US Automotive Industry Needs an Innovation amp; Value Wakeup Call!The US automotive attention is still perplexing to make a comeback. It is creation a quip to profits, to aloft turn of prolongation volume and to complicated discounting practices in dealerships. The demons of a large 3 manufacturers are still alive and kicking. The competition towards volume and plant function is behind on a table. The slight of loyal value considerations in a pattern of their cars and in a deployed technologies lead to a normal fist of a automotive suppliers, to brief cuts in quality, and to large recalls today.

Ford, GM and Chrysler are not removing it. Their concentration on cost value is preventing a automotive supply sequence to emanate and constraint value that a finish consumers competence be peaceful to compensate for. The aged conform OEM purchasing strategy and traffic processes preference commoditization, standardization and isomorphism. The finish outcome is that many US models are like plain vanilla ice cream. They skip innovation, jazziness and excitement. The OEM’s clearly missed a event by a latest mercantile charge they gifted to make a split break, to cgange their go-to-market approach, and to renovate their business and pricing models. In other words, they missed a event to learn and to make a vital change in their DNA from cost to value.

The celebrations competence be brief lived. Another predicament will emerge and they will find themselves in a same conditions i.e. slicing cost, laying off workers and saying their distinction evaporating. One of my favorite countenance is “never rubbish a good crisis” to make a required changes. The Big 3 did skip that opportunity. Still a destiny is splendid for them and their concentration for a subsequent 10 years should be on:

-  Increasing creation in their vehicles pattern and offered profitable functionalities to consumers during aloft prices.

- Partnering with best-in-class tier automotive suppliers who emanate innovative solutions and competence be peaceful to share some of that value with a OEMs.

-  Re-educating consumers on because a automobile is a prolonged tenure investment that requires some meditative outward of a pristine cost they compensate and on a quality/price relationship.

- Transforming a dealership business models by interlude a bulk grouping of cars that have to pierce quick during whatever cost. Currently, in a US, shopping a automobile is a brief tenure practice finished underneath time pressure. In other tools of a world, cars are systematic and it competence take adult to 3 to 6 months to get them delivered. The reduced operative collateral vigour competence assistance dealerships take a time to sell a facilities and advantages of a vehicles and to teach consumers who are peaceful to wait and peaceful to pay.

- Leading a technological mutation of a automobile business and recover a care from a Germans and a Koreans. Stop bringing technologies to a lowest common denominator so murdering any vital technological gap. Stop cost pressuring innovative suppliers who have shining technologies. Rather precedence their capabilities to emanate fad in a marketplace.

Right now, a Big 3 are in jubilee mode and are rehiring workers to respond to flourishing demand. We all glory that a automotive attention is going to furnish and sell over 16 million cars for a initial time in a prolonged while. we wish we could all applaud a acceptance of some-more value and creation course during Ford, GM and Chrysler. For a initial time in a while, a normal cost of sole cars went adult over a past quarters. This competence be a good pointer for a industry. we sojourn assured that a cost and commodity DNA of a OEM purchasing and engineering village competence forestall serve swell in an US attention that badly needs it. It is time to welcome creation and value government during a core of a automobile business in a United States. The Germans have finished it and they have taken a universe by charge with high distinction margins and good expansion rates.

Be bold. Join a value-based revolution.

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