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US gains in mobile patents as IBM passes Samsung

The U.S. widened a lead in mobile patents final year and IBM took a tip mark in new patents postulated in that space, according to a report this week that analyzed information from both a U.S. and Europe.

While a series of mobile patents postulated by a U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) jumped by 17 percent between 2013 and 2014, a sum fell by 4 percent during a European Patent Office (EPO), according to Chetan Sharma Consulting. The U.S. continued to benefit on Europe as a place where mobile inventions are devised, a trend driven by program growth in Silicon Valley and Americans’ complicated use of mobile data, a news said.

The mobile bang is a large partial of U.S. creation right now. Fully 26 percent of all patents released by a USPTO final year were for mobile technologies, while usually about one in 10 patents released in Europe fell into that category, a news said.

The flourishing U.S. lead in mobile creation comes as a mobile attention starts to conclude a subsequent vital set of standards, called 5G. The progressing 2G, 3G and 4G standards took figure when Europe played a stronger purpose in mobile, though a U.S. started to come into a possess in a center of a final decade, according to Sharma. Now European attention and supervision are perplexing to work together to make certain they aren’t left behind in 5G development.

While South Korea’s Samsung has a world’s biggest mobile obvious portfolio, IBM is removing some-more patents postulated now: It surpassed Samsung to take a tip mark for 2014. Qualcomm came in third place, followed by Microsoft and Google. About half of a tip 50 companies winning mobile patents over a past few years are formed in a U.S., a news said.

Also in 2014, Apple entered a tip 10 for mobile patents released during a year. It had a eighth-most patents granted. But Apple still doesn’t have one of a 10 biggest portfolios.

Article source: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2906152/us-gains-in-mobile-patents-as-ibm-passes-samsung.html

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