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US Navy scrambled jets as Russian warplanes approached carrier

WASHINGTON The USS Ronald Reagan aircraft conduit scrambled 4 warrior jets to prevent coming Russian warplanes as it carried out a troops practice on Tuesday in a Sea of Japan, U.S. troops officials pronounced on Thursday.

The dual Russian TU-145 “Bear” jets came as tighten as a nautical mile from a conduit and were drifting during a low-altitude, about 500 feet (152 m) above sea level, a officials said.

TU-145 Bear is a long-range anti-submarine crusade craft and a various of a TU-95 Bear vital bomber.

The incident, nonetheless unusual, was characterized by a Pentagon as “safe.”

“There was zero to prove they were posing a approach threat,” pronounced Pentagon orator Captain Jeff Davis.

The U.S. Navy was carrying out an practice with South Korean ships in general waters during a time of a incident.

At a White House, orator Josh Earnest remarkable that a United States had formerly lifted concerns about unsuited control by Russian troops aircraft, including incursions into Turkish airspace in new weeks.

“This was a small bit opposite than that. These are general waters,” Earnest said.

(Reporting by Phil Stewart, Yeganeh Torbati and Doina Chiacu; Writing by David Alexander; Editing by Mohammad Zargham and Ken Wills)

Article source: http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/10/29/us-usa-russia-defense-idUSKCN0SN20E20151029

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