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UTi Worldwide and Changjiu Logistics Launch Strategic Partnership Serving …

Beijing Event Outlines Shared Goals and Strategy

LONG BEACH, Calif., Feb. 10, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — UTi Worldwide Inc. (Nasdaq:UTIW), a tellurian supply sequence services and solutions provider, and Changjiu Logistics Co., Ltd., a largest eccentric automotive logistics association in China, strictly launched their vital partnership during a new corner eventuality in Beijing.

The eventuality was a mystic grand opening and an introduction for a press and pivotal clients. The partnership between UTi and Changjiu Logistics will offer a logistics mandate of tellurian automotive strange apparatus manufacturers (OEM) and suppliers in a sepulchral automotive marketplace in China.

“We are really vehement about this partnership,” pronounced Ed Feitzinger, UTi Chief Executive Officer. “Our clients are really meddlesome in what UTi and Changjiu Logistics can do together and we are committed to make this a successful partnership.” He also remarkable that UTi and Changjiu Logistics possess interrelated strengths and many informative similarities, generally a concentration on customer service, that will capacitate their corner success.

Mr. Bo Shijiu, Board Chairman, Changjiu Logistics, said, “The partnership with UTi will give Changjiu a strength to rise general business with multiple-modal ride use as good as to heighten customer bases and association extensive capability.”

Ditlev Blicher, UTi President, Freight Forwarding, said, “Our plan is to rise an internal travel complement for both member milk-run and finished-goods deliveries utilizing UTi’s solutions and best practices and Changjiu Logistics’ clever trucking and warehousing capability in pivotal automotive production and industrial centers in China. These areas offer a vicious mass of Auto clients for OEM/Tier 1 and Tier 2 and are pivotal clusters for UTi and Changjiu Logistics to concentration on together.”

Blicher combined that 3 areas of corner growth are planned: railway solutions between Europe and China, VMI/production logistics for automotive OEMs and Tier 1s, and aftermarket tools and accessories distribution.

According to Mr. Bo, developments are already underway on a China-to-Europe rail service. Changjiu Logistics has already had success handling such a use for tellurian OEMs and UTi is now regulating Europe-to-China shipments regulating a Changjiu Logistics network.

Feitzinger pronounced UTi and Changjiu Logistics primarily will find clients in a automotive zone though feel that aerospace and other production sectors also will advantage from a solutions offering by a partnership.

About Changjiu Logistics

Changjiu Logistics is a largest eccentric automotive logistics association in China. Relying on finished RDC and heart use networks in China, Changjiu Logistics can yield multi-modal transportation, warehousing, consolidation, packaging, logistics planning, used cars logistics and other value-added services for finished vehicles and gangling parts.

About UTi Worldwide

UTi Worldwide Inc. (www.go2uti.com) is an international, non-asset-based supply sequence services and solutions association providing atmosphere and sea burden forwarding, agreement logistics, etiquette brokerage, distribution, inbound logistics, truckload brokerage, and other supply sequence government services. The association serves a vast and different bottom of tellurian and internal companies, including clients handling in industries with singular supply sequence mandate such as a retail, apparel, chemical, automotive, pharmaceutical, and record industries. The association seeks to use the tellurian network, exclusive information record systems, and relations with travel providers, and imagination in outsourced logistics services to broach rival advantage to any of the clients’ supply chains.

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Article source: http://www.nasdaq.com/press-release/uti-worldwide-and-changjiu-logistics-launch-strategic-partnership-serving-automotive-industry-20150210-00978

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