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Valve To Unveil Final Steam Controller Design & VR Hardware At GDC

It feels like we’ve been watchful perpetually for Steam Machines and SteamOS itself to turn a large deal, yet so distant a impact of possibly on a marketplace has been utterly limited. That could shortly change, though, as Valve has announced that it will be display off a final Steam Controller during San Francisco’s Game Developers Conference subsequent week. And, for a special treat, we’ll be training of a ‘Steam VR’ hardware system.

Valve records that GDC 15 will symbol a 13th anniversary of when a association initial announced Steam, and it goes though observant that a use has positively grown to turn a large deal. Today, if you’re a critical PC gamer, you’ve roughly positively got Steam.


While it’ll be good to see a final pattern of a Steam Controller, it seems unequivocally adult in a atmosphere as to either or not Steam Machines is indeed going to take off. As we pronounced above, it feels like we’ve been watchful perpetually for something large to happen, and even at last year’s CES – 16 months ago – a series of companies jumped on house with their possess “Steam Machines”. Have they grown sleepy of watchful for Valve’s large push? It’s tough to say, yet Valve does contend it will have hardware to uncover off subsequent week.

The Steam VR complement is something that will be well-worth gripping an eye out for. The fact that Valve had such a thing in a works doesn’t come as a surprise, as we schooled a couple of years ago that Valve let Jeri Ellsworth and Rich Johnson take a company’s AR plan to make it their own, all since a association had wanted to concentration on VR instead. Well, that was over two-years-ago, so hopefully what will be shown off subsequent week will be sparkling – or during slightest interesting.

Here’s to anticipating that a Steam controller will be awesome, since we keep revelation myself we need an ascent to my aging Xbox 360 gamepad.

Article source: http://techgage.com/news/valve-to-unveil-final-steam-controller-design-vr-hardware-at-gdc/

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