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Van Hollen: Summer developed for travel-related complaints

For many of us, summer is a deteriorate of vacations and travel. Unfortunately, a poignant cost of transport also creates it a tantalizing locus for fraudsters. This is a good time to concentration on travel-related schemes and scams designed to apart us from a hard-earned money.

Membership transport clubs continue to be a source of complaints — and consumer loss. Typically consumers are invited to sales presentations by mailings or write calls, charity giveaway airline tickets, hotel stays or other benefits.

The presentations constantly are high-pressure attempts to convince consumers that a discounts they will accept as a member of a bar will clear a unreasonable cost of joining, that mostly is thousands of dollars.

In reality, many consumers learn too late that a betrothed discounts are no improved than what they could obtain on their possess or by a normal transport agent.

My bureau recently took one such transport bar operation to hearing in Appleton, after that a justice systematic those obliged to compensate behind a $3.8 million paid by Wisconsin consumers as good as some-more than 1 million dollars in forfeitures and costs.

Another area of ongoing problems is timeshare reselling. The problem of offered some timeshares can lead people to tumble chase to fake timeshare resellers.

These scammers mostly fake to have a customer available, and direct up-front fees to sell your timeshare, that could be hundreds or thousands of dollars. In some cases, a income disappears, and so does a reseller.

My bureau will continue to pursue fake travel-related schemes, though a best plan is to equivocate descending chase to a scammers. Be doubtful of offers of giveaway trips or other prizes, that can spin out to be nonexistent or riddled with so many restrictions and dark costs as to be useless, or of guarantees that your timeshare will be sold.

Also, never pointer a dear agreement but initial checking out a company, possibly by a government, or entities such as a Better Business Bureau, or other sources online. In addition, check either timeshare resellers reason a genuine estate permit sanctioning them to rivet in a business.

— J.B. Van Hollen is Wisconsin’s profession general.


Check either other consumers have filed complaints about an entity or board your possess censure by job a Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection during (800) 422-7128. You also can record a censure during datcp.wi.gov/Consumer/Consumer_Complaints.

Article source: http://www.greenbaypressgazette.com/story/news/local/2014/07/17/van-hollen-summer-ripe-travel-related-complaints/12813469/

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