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Vegan Mother Accused of Child Neglect Regains Custody of her baby after 5 …


Sarah Markham, 24, of Seminole County, Florida, mislaid control of her child 5 months ago after a alloy destined her to a sanatorium since her tot son was malnourished and she didn’t immediately uncover up.

While articulate to press she pronounced she was “ecstatic” to have her son back.

“I’m only so vehement overjoyed and about removing him behind this whole thing was a nightmare,” Markham told. “I can go behind to being a new mom and fastening with him. we am only really happy.”

She regained control of her 5-month-old son after she and her counsel staid her box with a Florida Department of Children and Families on Wednesday. Markham will have to accommodate with a state-approved pediatrician to keep control of her child, according to her lawyer.

Markham was arrested on Jun 24 after a alloy examined a tot and systematic her to go directly to a hospital, according to a open information officer during a Casselberry Police Department.

When Markham did not uncover adult during a hospital, her alloy called police, officials said. Markham was arrested during her unit and charged with child slight but corporeal harm, military added. She was indicted of refusing to give her tot non-vegan regulation even yet he was dehydrated.

Markham’s lawyer, Mark O’Mara, pronounced her alloy destined her to a sanatorium after she pronounced she did not wish to use an animal-based regulation to addition breast feeding since she was vegan and wanted to lift her son vegan. He pronounced Markham immediately bought vegan regulation and was feeding her child to addition breast divert when she was arrested.

Markham has been fighting to recover control of her child for 5 months. The rapist charges of child slight are still pending, according to justice records.

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