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Verizon resurrects zombie cookie, combines personal tracking with AOL network

Verizon, a cookie monster

When news of Verizon’s unblockable “super cookie” broke final year, a wireless provider was primarily daring and refused to stop tracking users. Eventually, a association began charity opt-out options, after scarcely 6 months, but usually grudgingly. The telco apparently schooled zero from this array of events, since it’s now plainly acknowledging it will share privately identifiable information about subscribers with a newly acquired AOL division.

First, some context. Most companies rest on remoteness policies that during slightest compensate mouth use to a thought of anonymity. Despite a fact that investigate has shown how easy it is to spin anonymized information behind into PII (personally identifying information), companies during slightest make a token bid to frame out sum like names and addresses. Under a terms of Verizon’s new remoteness policy, even this paper-thin insurance is abolished.

The new process states (emphasis added):

The best promotion is for something we competence indeed want, and that is what we wish to give you. To assistance make this happen, starting in November, we will mix Verizon’s existent promotion programs–Relevant Mobile Advertising and Verizon Selects– into a AOL Advertising Network…”


How Verizon’s supercookie works.

The Relevant Mobile Advertising module uses your postal and email addresses, certain information about your Verizon products and services (such as device type), and information we obtain from other companies (such as gender, age range, and interests). The apart Verizon Selects module uses this same information and additional information about your use of Verizon services including mobile Web browsing, app and underline use and location of your device. The AOL Advertising Network uses information collected when we use AOL services and revisit third-party websites where AOL provides promotion services (such as Web browsing, app usage, and location), as good as information that AOL obtains from third-party partners and advertisers.

We do not share information that identifies we privately as partial of these programs other than with vendors and partners who do work for us.

So far, so bad. Verizon acknowledges that it uses PII to uncover we promotion and that it combines this information with AOL’s network. According to Pro Publica, AOL’s promotion height runs on 40% of websites today. But wait — it gets worse:

These programs use online and device identifiers, including AOL browser cookies, ad IDs from Apple and Google, and one total by Verizon, famous as a “Unique Identifier Header.” When a Verizon and AOL programs are combined, this Verizon identifier will be extrinsic in certain Web trade that is sent usually to Verizon companies (including AOL) and to certain partners. These partners will be certified to use a Verizon identifier usually as partial of Verizon and AOL services.

You’re a product either we compensate for a use or not

There’s a common observant in a tech attention — “If we aren’t profitable for a product, we are a product.” Verizon’s promotion module puts a distortion to such purposeful remarks. If you’re a Verizon customer, it’s since we compensate a poignant volume of income for a payoff — and in return, Verizon is now claiming it has a right to lane we opposite all of your inclination and share that information with anyone it chooses to work with. There’s no pledge that it doesn’t embody third-party information brokerages like Acxiom. AOL, in fact, records that it works with Acxiom, Session M, Taboola, and Tapad on an ongoing basis, that means we should assume they have your data.

If we wish to opt out of being tracked in this fashion, we can hit Verizon during 1-866-211-0874 or conduct your remoteness choices from within your comment settings. You will also need to opt out of AOL’s interest-based promotion tracking as well. If we are a member of Verizon Selects, we will have to opt out of that module alone (again, this is rubbed in Verizon’s remoteness section).

Article source: https://www.extremetech.com/mobile/215798-verizon-resurrects-zombie-cookie-combines-personal-tracking-with-aol-network

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