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VIDEO: Mad scientist puts Apple Watch in blender

The Apple Watch does a lot of things, though can it be diced adult easily in a blender? Watch a video next to find out.

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Quirky blender tradesman Blendtec, famous for a “Will it Blend?” viral videos, tested a peculiarity of a blender by tossing in a $349 Apple Watch. The video stars Blendtec owner Tom Dickson dressed in lab coat, who can’t assistance though pronounce with smirk-inducing cheese.

“I’ve blended only about all that Apple makes,” says Tom to a smart-alecky chronicle of Siri on a Apple Watch.

“Yes, it has been both moving and disturbing,” responds Siri.

“But there’s one thing that we haven’t blended yet…the Apple Watch!,” exclaims Tom before fixation a Apple Watch (and Siri) into a blender. “Then this is goodbye, Tom?” asks Siri before a blender is activated, promulgation her onto a Apple afterlife.

Within moments, a costly watch is reduced to small ash.

“I hear Apple is building a possess car. we can understanding with that,” says Tom only before a video cuts to him welding a horizon of what looks to be an huge three-story high blender.

Article source: http://abc7news.com/technology/video-man-puts-apple-watch-in-blender/685544/

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