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VIDEO: Meet Google’s New Robot Dog

With an artless name like Spot, you’d design Boston Dynamics’ new drudge dog to fit right in with a squad from 101 Dalmatians. But don’t let a name dope you — a cuddly cutie it is not.

Unveiled this week, Spot is a latest origination from a now Google-owned company behind an army of super-strong, animal- and human-like robots with names like BigDog, Cheetah, WildCat, and Atlas. The latest further to a posse is a smallest yet, yet it still weighs in during a large 160 pounds.

Unlike Boston Dymanics’ other robots, Spot was designed to work indoors as good as outside, a association said. It’s electrically powered and hydraulically actuated, and has a supposed “sensor head” that helps it navigate by severe terrain.

At this point, additional sum about Spot are scant, yet Boston Dynamics has expelled a YouTube video (below) introducing a universe to a new four-legged friend. Watch as Spot walks by Boston Dymanics’ bureau on 4 legs, afterwards creates a approach outward to stand adult and down hills, travel by debris, run by a parking lot, and even navigate stairs like a pro.

Boston Dynamics

Bot  Dolly



Redwood Robotics

Meka Robotics


And notwithstanding being a baby of a family, Spot is no wimp. As a video shows, it’ll take some-more than a quick flog to hit a super-agile drudge down. In a video, several people flog Spot, though a four-legged steel animal is means to recover a balance any time.

Meanwhile, a comparatively compress distance indeed gives Spot a leg-up over beefier robots. As we can see in a video, Boston Dymanic’s AlphaDog can’t compare a small brother’s speed when it comes to walking adult hills.

For more, see the Companies Behind Google’s Robot Army in a slideshow above.

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