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Video: Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon Reunite for ‘The Evolution of Mom …

April 04, 2015 05:42:35 GMT

The First Lady and a ‘Tonight Show’ horde perform a ‘Shimmy Twist’, a ‘Shush and Tush’ and many others before Fallon recreates President Obama’s signature dance move.

It’s been dual years given Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon did “The Evolution of Mom Dancing” on a “Late Night” show. On Thursday, Apr 3, a dual reunited on “The Tonight Show” for a second partial of “The Evolution of Mom Dancing” to applaud a fifth anniversary of a First Lady’s “Let’s Move!” debate and a new #GimmeFive challenge.

Sporting relating pinkish sweater, Mrs. Obama and Fallon began with a “Shimmy Twist” before recreating other classical moves like a “Shush and Tush”, a “Knock Knock”, a “I Can Still Do This Dance Because My Arms Are in Shape” and a “Trying to Start a Conga Line”.

When a comedian did a “Barack Obama” dance, a First Lady shook her head. She afterwards responded by recreating a “Jimmy Fallon” that caused Fallon to travel off a stage. He after returned to join her to do his signature dance move.

When sitting down for an interview, she commented on a skit, “You only like me to be silly!” She jokingly praised Fallon’s demeanour in women’s outfit, “You looked so lovable in your small Talbots outfit. Isn’t he a lovable mom?”

They also talked about their adore of music. “I’m always listening to music,” she said. “That’s a approach we kind of settle myself.” After Fallon pronounced that he had been listening to The Wiggles since he’s now a father of dual kids, Mrs. Obama shared, “Now I’m during a theatre where my kids [Malia Obama and Sasha Obama] are introducing me to song and they’re like, ‘You don’t wish to hear this, Mom. The denunciation is too bad.’ ”

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