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Vietnam automotive attention to grow fastest in ASEAN: Thai attention insider

Vietnam’s automotive attention will suffer a fastest expansion in Southeast Asia in a subsequent 20 years since of rising direct and assistance from a government, Vichai Jirathiyut, boss of a Thailand Automotive Institute, pronounced during a new assembly in Ho Chi Minh City.

The Vietnamese automotive attention is foresee to shake out 220,000 units annually by 2020 and 1.5 million units by 2035 given clever support from a executive government, Vichai during a assembly on Thursday final week.

The aging 67-million-strong Thai marketplace buys around 880,000 units per year, so a 90-million-plus marketplace of Vietnam with a younger age organisation will have aloft direct for personal vehicles in a future, he said.

Official sum from a Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (VAMA) showed that automotive sales in Vietnam reached 157,810 vehicles in 2014, adult 43 percent compared to 2013.

Last year, sales of personal cars increasing by 43 percent year on year, commanding 100,000 units, while sales of trucks grew by 42 percent in comparison with 2013 to strike scarcely 57,371 vehicles, a VAMA pronounced in a news in Jan this year.

According to a Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade, a internal automotive attention will furnish 200,000 vehicles in 2015, an annual expansion rate of 4.4 percent.

In a Southeast Asian region, Thailand and Indonesia now have a really rival automotive attention though this will gradually change, Vichai said.

The Thais are focusing on prolongation pickup cars weighing rebate than one metric ton and eco-friendly vehicles, for Thailand has a top car emissions standards regionally.

The nation can assistance Vietnam when it is relocating ceiling in a value sequence of a automotive attention since Thai manufacturers reason many technological advancements, a boss of a Thailand Automotive Institute added.

Thailand’s car prolongation surfaced 2.8 million units final year with 18 foreign-owned assemblers including Honda, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, BMW, GM, and Tata, he said.

At this time, a Thai automotive marketplace is plummeting. Last month, a Thai supervision reported that domestic automobile sales in Feb fell 11 percent year on year, imprinting a 21st uninterrupted month of decline.

However, Vietnamese analysts and automotive businesses are disturbed that Vietnam will be increasingly contingent on unfamiliar vehicles as import taxes levied on automobiles will neatly dump or even be exempted following a roadmap of  tariff rebate commitments of a ASEAN Agreement on Trade in Goods, that will take full outcome by 2018.

With a low localization rate of Vietnam’s automotive industry, usually during 10-30 percent depending on any form of vehicle, when a import tariff on foreign-made vehicles, or totally built units (CBUs), is lowered to 0 percent in 2018, a importation of gangling tools for convention in Vietnam will apparently be some-more costly than CBU imports from Thailand or Indonesia.

Data from a Vietnam Customs underneath a Ministry of Finance showed that a sum series of automobiles alien from India in a initial dual months of 2015 reached 4,363 units, commanding a list of a 12 countries and territories from that Vietnam are importing automobiles.

In 2014, a Southeast Asian nation alien over 13,300 automobiles of all kinds from India, representing approximately 17.5 percent of a sum series of alien vehicles of over 71,000 units.

During a same duration final year, a series of automobiles shipped from India was usually 864 units, around 20 percent of this year’s count.

However, when deliberation a import value, commanding a list was Chinese-made vehicles.

Specifically, a value of CBU imports from China in January-February totaled US$114 million, followed by South Korea ($66.9 million), Japan ($38.3 million), Thailand ($32.4 million), and India ($24.8 million).

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