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Vine Launches On Apple Watch

Vine has introduced some new facilities to a iOS app that are designed to get users to watch some-more video. The new functionality lets users find more, associated videos to watch by swiping left on a now personification video. The refurbish also brings Vine to a Apple Watch for a initial time.

In a press release, Vine said:

In October, we introduced a initial chronicle of a recommendation engine to assistance people fast find Vines. Since then, we’ve been perplexing new kinds of recommendations and ways to entrance them. We’re vehement for we to use this underline as we continue to build on it and make it better.

We are also bringing Vine to a Apple Watch. Our Apple Watch app provides dual feeds: Favorites and Featured. In Favorites, we can watch posts from a creators you’ve comparison as a Favorite. In Featured, you’ll see Vines that have been hand-selected opposite channels like Comedy, Music and Sports. And only like a mobile apps, we can like and Revine directly from Apple Watch.

Of course, there is singular functionality to examination Vine on a smartwatch. For Vine, a name of a diversion right now is consolidating a userbase and warding off intensity rivals like Snapchat and Instagram. Every left-swipe means a few some-more viewers, and that’s something Vine wants really much.

Article source: http://www.fastcompany.com/3053984/behind-the-brand/vine-launches-on-apple-watch

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