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Vine Now Offers Audio Remix & Discovery Feature – Android Headlines

In an effort to build their Vine community with new remixes and collaborations, Vine has revealed a new feature that is currently available right now on iOS running devices. The feature will allow users creating a Vine to use the audio from another already uploaded Vine. This is a feature that Vine found most content creators were already doing on their own, but now that users can tweak the audio right in the application itself, this could save users time from editing their Vines and also allows viewers to see where the original audio comes from.

The official Vine blog stated that the new feature will allow users to evolve their Vines with the option to tweak and edit audio from other Vines. Much like with any trend that starts out online, others quickly follow with their own unique takes on the original video. After all, how many videos have ween seen based around the popular Duck Army? In the sense of Vine, most of these content creators were reusing the same audio, leaving some viewers guessing as to where the original true source of the video and audio came from. This is where the new discovery options open up for the Vine application. If a user uploads a Vine that contains audio from another Vine video, the viewer can tap a single button to open up the information and link to the original Vine.

Creating these Vines with another Vine’s audio is also simple to handle. When a user finds a Vine that they would like to remix or collaborate with then they can select the three dots under the Vine where a new option titled “Make an audio remix” will be highlighted. When selected, the user will find the Vine camera open up with an audio log visible of the original Vine. Alternately, users can select to use already recorded footage on their device.

Going one step further, the Vine is also allowing users to edit the audio with their personal Vine video. This way they can decide if they would like only a snippet of the audio to play at a specific portion of their Vine video.  Currently, at this moment the new audio remix option is only available on iOS devices whereas the discovery option is available for both Apple iOS and Android.

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Vine Audio Remix

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