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Vizio prices M array 4K TVs from $600, teases high-end, HDR-capable …



Thanks to a multiple of rock-bottom prices and really good design quality, Vizio has hold down a tip mark in a Best TVs lists ever given a depart of Panasonic’s plasmas.

Now a association has reliable pricing on a M array and they’re some of a slightest costly 4K TVs on a market.

It has also “introduced sum behind” a high-end Reference array TVs that debuted during CES 2014, though didn’t discuss availability–although Vizio.com now says a 65-inch indication will start during $4000. They will apparently be a initial TVs with Dolby Vision HDR.

The M array central prices are roughly accurately a same as a unofficial, leaked prices from dual months ago. The biggest difference is a 50-inch size, that will sell for $799 instead of a leaked cost of $899. Here’s a full list.

2015 Vizio M array 4K TVs

All of a 2015 M array TVs use a same kind of proceed (“full-array”) local dimming backlights that helped their 2014 predecessors grasp such considerable black turn performance. All sizes have a same have 32 zones of backlight dimming, aside from a 43-incher that has 28 zones.

The 60-inch and incomparable TVs have a “240Hz effective modernise rate” spec, while a smaller models all have a “120Hz effective modernise rate” spec. Since there are no internal 240Hz 4K TVs, Vizio has reliable that those “effective”s prove that a smaller sets have 60Hz panels while a incomparable one have 120Hz panels, and backlight scanning is somehow obliged for a doubled Hz numbers. It’s a same kind of fake modernise rate trickery Vizio and LG have been contracting for years.

Just like a P array from 2014, a M array will have 5 HDMI ports that can accept 4K sources, though usually one will be HDMI 2.0 concordant and means to accept 4K sources during 60 frames per second. Meanwhile 3 of a 5 will offer HDCP 2.2 duplicate protection. The M array can tide 4K from Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, like all major-name 4K sets, and also has an app for UltraFlix.

We demeanour brazen to reviewing a new M array soon.

Reference array initial with Dolby Vision HDR

Vizio also used a M array roll-out as an eventuality to re-affirm that a “R is for Reference” array is still a thing.

Ah, memories: Vizio’s final CES eventuality ever, featuring a 120-inch R series.
Sarah Tew/CNET

At CES 2014 a R array basically stole a show, though fifteen months after still hasn’t shipped. One of a many considerable aspects of a R array demos we saw fifteen months ago was for a HDR (high energetic range) technology, pleasantness of Dolby Vision.

Today Dolby assimilated Vizio in announcing that a Reference array would be a initial TV with Dolby Vision.

Titles extended by Dolby Vision will be delivered to a Reference array around a Vudu streaming service, and an initial line-up of titles will be accessible to R array buyers. Dolby says a Warner Brothers titles “Edge of Tomorrow,” “Into a Storm,” “The Lego Movie,” “Man of Steel,” “Sherlock Holmes,” and “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” use 4K Ultra HD Dolby Vision technology.

The appetizing specs of a Reference array mostly sojourn total according to Vizio’s latest press release. It comes in dual sizes: 65- and 120-inches. Its HDR is powered by a full-array internal dimming backlight with 384 zones and strech a rise liughtness of 800 nits. Vizio touts a wider tone progression though doesn’t contend exactly how wide, that is a back-down of sorts from a initial explain that a set could proceed Rec 2020 color. Gamers will conclude that a set can arrangement 120-frame-per-second calm (currently accessible usually from PCs) with “low latency.”

By comparison a Samsung JS9500, another HDR-capable TV, is pronounced to strike 1000 nits interjection to an undisclosed array of internal dimming zones, and delivers 93 to 95 percent of a P3 tone gamut. It’s a winding TV (the R array is flat) and has a graphic advantage of indeed shipping now, starting during $6000 for a 65-inch size. It’s also value observant that Samsung’s stream selling creates no discuss of Dolby Vision or HDR. Methinks a format fight be a’ brewin’.

Originally Vizio told us a R array would boat in tumble of 2014, afterwards in a “second half” of 2015. Today’s press recover doesn’t discuss accessibility timing during all, and a Vizio repute reliable that he couldn’t share any some-more information on when a R array would indeed appear. Vizio’s web site now says a 65-inch set will entrance for $4,000, though conjunction it nor Vizio’s repute yield a cost on a 120-inch set.

Article source: http://www.cnet.com/news/vizio-prices-m-series-4k-tvs-from-600-teases-high-end-reference-series-tvs/

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