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Vladimir Putin Has AK-47, Will Travel

Russian President Vladimir Putin hands an AK-47 to Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi in Cairo. (Egyptian Presidency)

For a male who has run afoul of a United States and Europe, Russian President Vladimir Putin certain does get around.

In a past few months, Putin has popped adult in far-flung ports from New Delhi to Nicaragua. On state visits, Putin has sealed chief deals with both Argentina and India, a latter of that has maintained a notable neutrality on Russia’s new exploits in Ukraine. Putin has hung out with a Castros in Cuba, announced a gas tube in Ankara, and caused a stage in Beijing when a high-minded gesticulate involving China’s initial lady begot ShawlGate in November. (Putin also met with Chinese President Xi Jinping for a tenth time in reduction than dual years.)

A cursory glance during his transport report shows that a Russian premier done scarcely 20 central state visits in 2014, a perplexing tactful year for Russia by all accounts. Compare that to only 6 central visits in 2013.

On Monday, Putin was seen during a Cairo airfield gifting a kalashnikov to a silly Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, a Egyptian president, to symbol a initial Russian state revisit to Egypt given 2005. On Tuesday, as CNN reported, a dual group signed a pactto concur on building a chief energy plant.”

“He’s creation a uncover of highlighting how he’s not isolated,” one Russia consultant told The Guardian. “It’s also a approach of undermining a U.S., given Cairo is square of America’s imperium.”

Putin’s showboating in Egypt comes only hours before he heads to Minsk, Belarus, where he will meet with a leaders of Ukraine, Germany, and France for equal talks over a ongoing assault in Ukraine. In new weeks, a genocide fee in eastern Ukraine has surged as a predicament nears a one-year mark, call a White House to publicly consider promulgation arms to Ukraine. (On Tuesday, Alexei Pushkov, a Russian lawmaker and Putin confidant, told members of a European council that such a pierce could lead to “all-out war.”)

Arming Ukraine would seem to paint a march change that practically rebukes a American-led sanctions opposite Russia, that have crippled a Russian economy, though haven’t deterred it from ancillary separatists in eastern Ukraine. While a meetings in Minsk might infer differently if Russia relents, as Putin’s travels show, isolating him is not an easy feat.

Article source: http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2015/02/vladimir-putin-has-ak-47-will-travel/385344/

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