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Watch a Ph.D. claimant dance her doctoral topic [VIDEO]

The biological relations between seeds and dirt organisms might not be a sexiest of topics, though that didn’t stop one doctoral claimant from branch it into an interpretive dance for a seventh general “Dance Your Ph.D.” contest.

Uma Nagendra, University of Georgia doctoral claimant in plant biology, won a foe with a square called, “Plant-soil feedbacks after serious hurricane damage.” The eventuality is sponsored by a American Association for a Advancement of Science, as good as Science repository and HighWire Press, according to Science.

Nagendra is a playground performer in her off time, and she brought a few of her aerially learned friends to assistance do a midair dance formed on her research.

Nagendra was desirous by a events following Hurricane Katrina’s extinction of her home city of New Orleans, Louisiana, in 2005, and wanted to see how a healthy universe recovers from disasters. But since events like Katrina are so rare, she indispensable to investigate some-more localized and visit healthy disasters, so she chose tornadoes.

She found that nonetheless tornadoes destroy vegetation, they do some good for trees, whose seedlings get service from parasitic fungi, and they are means to flourish.

Nagendra perceived $1,000 for her win, and a outing to Stanford University to have her video screened.

Other winners enclosed a tyro who danced about reduced-fat mayonnaise, another whose theme was chief fusion, a amicable sciences claimant who danced about colionalism, and a “dance of a drones.”

Nagendra pronounced that a foe is critical since scientists need to do a improved pursuit of communicating scholarship to a layperson, and dance can assistance “illustrate formidable ideas,” according to TIME.

Although Nagrendra doesn’t have any credentials in dance, she knew immediately she wanted to enter a foe when she listened about it a few years ago. She took trapeze classes and became hooked.

The other trapeze artists in a video are from her class, since those who play a dirt pathogens on a belligerent were other grad students or friends who “thought it would be fun,” she said.

Article source: http://dailydigestnews.com/2014/11/watch-a-ph-d-candidate-dance-her-doctoral-thesis-video/

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