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Watch Disney’s Air-Propelled ‘VertiGo’ Robot Climb Walls With Ease

The VertiGo robot from Disney Research and ETH Zurich can stand walls like a champ interjection to a non-traditional mode of moving itself. A span of propellers lay atop a framework and can be redirected to send bearing in a accumulation of directions and combinations — indicating them behind creates a automobile go forward, for instance, while spinning them around would let it behind up.

But when VertiGo comes to a wall, a propellers indicate up, pulling atmosphere divided from a wall and dire a bot opposite it. It’s adequate force that it can expostulate around on a straight aspect with no problem during all — permitting VertiGo to scale obstacles or get out of danger.

The car has to be intensely light, though: a framework is CO fiber, and many tools are specifically 3D printed to be clever though being heavy. VertiGo might be means to climb, though it won’t be carrying any load with it.

VertiGo was combined by Paul Beardsley during Disney Research and Michael Bischoff during ETH Zurich.

Article source: http://www.nbcnews.com/tech/innovation/watch-disney-s-air-propelled-vertigo-robot-climb-walls-ease-n487666

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