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Watch a First Ever 4K 1000 fps Drone Footage

The camera trustworthy to this worker is a Phantom Flex 4K, over 15 pounds of camera that costs $110,00 and up. Yes, $100,000-plus value of hardware floating above a tough ground.

To get that camera in a air, Brain Farm Cinema of Jackson, Wyoming, worked with Swedish drone-builder Intuitive Ariel to emanate a qualification that could hoop what finished adult being about 30 pounds of gear, including a cradle to solid a camera. Compare that to a housing-clad GoPro weighing 0.3 pounds, or 88 grams.

The final pattern is a 40 percent some-more absolute chronicle of a Aerigon worker ($50,000). That means 6 CO fiber arms and twelve counter-rotating CO fiber propellers.

Not everybody has 6 total to spend on worker video, though those that do now have a means to fire violent aerial footage over anything Planet Earth producers or Peter Jackson could imagine. For now, look during this mud-spraying pickup truck.

Article source: http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/a14921/phantom-flex-4k-drone-footage-brain-farm/

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