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WATCH: World’s First 4K Drone Footage At 1000 FPS Is Stunningly Awesome

  • First-ever 4K Slow-Mo Footage

First-ever 4K Slow-Mo Footage (Photo : YouTube)

Brain Farm, a group of filmmakers, wanted a best aerial worker footage. So, they did what they had to do: mix an Aerigon worker and a Phantom Flex4K high-speed digital camera.

The group pronounced that it would be possibly a “most technologically modernized worker moody of all time” or only an hapless “quarter million dollar crash.”

What finished it clearly unfit is that a Aerigon worker can't lift a massive Flex4K camera weighing during 14 pounds, and that is only a physique alone.

In sequence to do so, Brain Farm hacked a $50,000 worker with a assistance of Intuitive Aerial, a Swedish worker builder famous for a Black Armored Drone.

The drone’s energy outlay was significantly increasing adult to 40 percent for it to hoop a complicated and fully-rigged $100,000 Phantom Flex4K.

Fortunately, a $250,000 worker and 4K camera supply flew though any problems. Brain Farm also managed to constraint amazingly minute automobile and sand splashes during 1,000 frames per second.

It is being touted as a world’s first-ever Ultra High-Definition super delayed suit footage from a drone.

YouTube’s new support for 4K videos finished it probable for a worker footage to be entirely enjoyed by users opposite a globe. To date, Brain Farm’s video already has some-more than 207,000 views and over 1,200 likes.

Some YouTube viewers pronounced that a shots can be finished regulating a crane, though others are discerning to defend, observant that a 4K and worker setup is ideal for removed areas where a derrick is not available.

“Five years, I’ve been forgetful of this. That was insane,” pronounced Brain Farm CEO and Director Curt Morgan after they noticed a initial worker footage.

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