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Wearable amicable media: The ultimate ice-breaker

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If we consider you’re bad during initial impressions and creation tiny talk, we might shortly be means to find out all we need to know about a chairman simply by reading their t-shirt.

That’s a thought behind a new plan by students during a prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology to emanate wearable amicable media.

The judgment is simple: integrated record on a front of your t-shirt links to information on your smartphone by Bluetooth and buzzes when someone walks in a room who has a common seductiveness with you.

The record works from some-more than three-metres away, according to CNN.

Information that can be common includes hobbies, friends, work colleagues and even either we are concordant organ donors.

Viirj Kan, one of a students behind a project, told CNN that they wanted to fill a opening they consider is blank from stream amicable media platforms.

“Current technologies are unequivocally good during joining people over good distances though they’re not so good during joining them in a same environment,” says Ms Kan.

“While what we wear is unequivocally public, amicable media is means to uncover who we are to thousands some-more people and this creates unequivocally large amicable consequences though it mostly doesn’t feel that way.”

However, how good it will work in a genuine universe stays misleading as a t-shirt is nonetheless to be tested on people.

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Article source: http://tvnz.co.nz/world-news/wearable-social-media-ultimate-ice-breaker-6243000

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