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WEATHER ALERT: Blizzard Warning, Travel Advisories in outcome – WSBT

WSBT 22 –

A BLIZZARD WARNING is in outcome for many of a area Saturday evening. In addition, all northern Indiana counties (except Pulaski) have transport WARNINGS in place, definition we can get ticketed for being on a roadways. ONLY ESSENTIAL TRAVEL. 

Road conditions

Police and puncture crews are bustling Saturday responding to mixed accidents opposite a area due to high winds and floating snow. 

The following are releases we’ve perceived on transport restrictions and conditions:

Indiana State Police ubiquitous recover on conditions statewide

Weather associated crashes initial started being reported to a Indiana State Police Toll Road Post around 9:15 this morning.  The Indiana Toll Road continues to be influenced by reports of white-out conditions along with sub-zero temperatures. 

The National Weather Service (NWS) has released a ‘Blizzard Warning’ for Elkhart, LaPorte, St. Joseph, Fulton, Kosciusko, Marshall, and Starke Counties until 10:00 p.m. Saturday.  The Indiana Toll Road passes by any of these counties.  The NWS advisory warned prominence will be reduced to nearby 0 during times with whiteout conditions. Blowing and flapping sleet can be approaching along with bitterly cold breeze chills, from 10 to 25 subsequent zero.  Moderate to complicated lake outcome sleet accumulations are approaching during a camber of a warning.

Separate from problems on a Toll Road there have been other crashes reported opposite northeastern Indiana.

Some of a some-more poignant trade associated incidents enclosed a pile-up involving around 20 vehicles that occurred progressing this afternoon in Whitley County.  This pile-up was on US 30, west of Columbia City and resulted in a closure of a easterly and westbound lanes of US 30 nearby West Lincoln Way.  As of 3:30 this afternoon all lanes were reopened.

The tainted continue also impacted trade on I-69 early this afternoon.  State military officers, along with county policeman deputies from Delaware and Grant County, responded to countless reports of crashes and slip offs on I-69 and adjacent State and County roads.  The high winds and sleet in this continue complement combined dangerous pushing conditions by a afternoon.  These conditions can be approaching to continue.

State military troopers from a Pendleton and Peru Posts creatively responded to a news of a car pile-up involving 30 or some-more vehicles in a southbound lanes of I-69, nearby a 249 mile marker, that is usually 4 miles north of a US 35 / State Road 28 exit.   Deputies from a Delaware County Sheriff’s Department also responded and investigated a 4 car repairs pile-up in a north firm lanes of I-69.  Among a vehicles concerned in a pile-up there was one propagandize bus, 5 semi-tractor trailer vehicles and some-more than 20 newcomer vehicles concerned in clusters of crashes over a entertain mile area around a 249 mile marker. 

At slightest 6 people were ecstatic to IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital, in Muncie, with different injuries.  Though not injured, all a students aboard a propagandize train were ecstatic to a sanatorium to mislay them from a pile-up stage and get them out of a critical weather.

INDOT and Delaware County EMA responded to close down both directions of I-69, northbound during State Road 28 and southbound during State Road 26.  The northbound lanes non-stop after 3:30 this afternoon and one southbound line was reopened late this afternoon with expectancy that all southbound lanes should be open by 9:00 this evening.  The vital snarl during this stage has been a extensive time compulsory to offload a crashed FedEx truck.

All told, a Indiana State Police news that from 6:00 this morning until 6:00 this dusk there were 48 personal repairs crashes, 150 skill repairs crashes, 50 reports of vehicles shifting off a highway and 82 motorists perceived some form of assistance from state military personnel.  Fortunately, so far, there has been no detriment of life.  The infancy of a reported incidents have been along a Toll Road and Northeast I-69, as good as State and County Roads

People vital in a area of a NWS Blizzard Warning are speedy to equivocate transport solely in a box of an emergency.

Avoid job internal law coercion or a state military to ask about highway and continue conditions.  Public reserve phone lines need to be kept transparent for loyal puncture calls.  The BEST source for internal continue condition reports and reserve recommendations is from your internal radio and TV news service.

If we MUST travel, check highway conditions by visiting INDOT’s website at www.in.gov/indot before we start your trip.

An additional source for Travel Advisory information is a Indiana Department of Homeland Security (Indiana DHS) at http://www.in.gov/dhs/traveladvisory/

The Indiana DHS also offers a The Indiana Travel Advisory app for iPhones and Android phones.

To download for a iPhone visit: https://appsto.re/us/QHVw4.i

To download for Android phones visit: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=gov.in.traveladvisory

St. Joseph County

Effective immediately: Saint Joseph County Officials have altered a county standing from orange to orange spin 3. This in outcome bans all transport on county roads and state highways within Saint Joseph County with a difference of puncture personnel. High winds continue to make transport dangerous. State Highway efforts are being exceedingly hampered and have spin catastrophic in some areas. Citations might be released for those ignoring this warning.

Elkhart County

As of 3:00pm Saturday, the Elkhart County Board of Commissioners announced a sleet puncture for Elkhart County.   Elkhart County is during risk from a critical winter charge that will embody 0 temperatures and breeze chills, poignant snowfall, and clever winds that will means near-blizzard conditions with widespread flapping of roads, and nearby 0 visibility.  Travel on roadways has spin dangerous and a state of puncture has been announced underneath a supplies of IC 10-14-3-29.

During this emergency, adults are asked to concur with county bidding 2013-153 that mandates that no transport on county roadways is accessible during a emergency. The usually difference to this sustenance is for puncture crews and county highway workers carrying out their central duties.

The Sheriff’s Department is operative with county officials to guard a standing of a sleet puncture as good as a highway conditions. Updates will be sent out as indispensable or as conditions change.

Marshall, Starke, Fulton, Kosciusko County

A “Warning” spin transport advisory has been implemented. Travel is singular to puncture workers only.

Sheriff Tom Chamberlin suggested that they are doing mixed accidents and slip offs in Marshall County. US 30 in Starke County is backed-up. Please stay home and off a roads. Travel should be avoided if during all possible.

Michigan State Police

The Michigan State Police is requesting that all engineer equivocate I94 in Berrien County.  There are countless vast crashes nearby MM8 and MM36.  I94 is close down in both directions during MM8.  White out conditions are visit by all of Berrien County.

Cass County, Michigan:

From a Cass County Sheriff’s Office: 

“Cass County Sheriff Joseph M Underwood Jr. and a Cass County Office of Emergency Management is STILL seeking that ALL motoring open stay off a roadways unless positively necessary. Large amounts of snow, high winds and flapping highway conditions have done transport in Cass County really hazardous.

“Today during this charge Cass County Deputies have responded to 2 Personal repairs crashes, 23 skill repairs crashes, 25 slip off’s.

“Cass County Road Commission plows have been pulled off a roads due to prominence issues and will not lapse until morning. if its’s not an puncture stay off a roads.”

Indiana Toll Road/I-94

Dispatchers and puncture crews responded to mixed crashes and pile-ups opposite all of Michiana via Saturday.

WSBT 22 spoke to Indiana State Police with a Toll Road who pronounced “There are some-more accidents than we can count.” 

Dispatchers contend their categorical emanate via a day has been gripping adult with a series of a accidents and crashes with a singular series of staff and volunteers available. 

On a Toll Road alone dispatchers reported critical crashes during a  66-67 MM, 98-103 MM and MM 136 early in a morning with some-more function each minute. 

There were also been reports of pile-ups on I94 during a 27 MM, one usually easterly of Warsaw on US 30 and many, many, more. 

In response to a volume of crashes and continue conditions scarcely all a counties in a area enforced transport warnings– definition roadways are particularly to be used usually by puncture personnel. 

Dispatch and military advise drivers to stay off a roads if probable and equivocate roads such as a Toll Road, Bypass and other “faster” routes.

LaPorte County


La Porte County is now underneath a state of emergency. All adults are to sojourn off a roadways. Further, a sheriffs dialect will NOT respond to skill repairs crashes. We ask that a drivers sell information. Roadways are in terrible condition, a dialect has been impressed with personal repairs crashes, including dual involving a deputies who were injured.

Again we ask that YOU STAY OFF THE ROADWAY. Don’t try to beget a justification for being out. STAY HOME.

Noble County

Due to floating sleet that causes occasionally  whiteout conditions, a Noble County Commissioner have emanate and “Advisory” transport standing for Noble County until serve notice.  This means that slight transport or activities might be limited in some areas since of a floating sleet and an particular should use counsel when roving in Noble County.

INDOT Northwest

NORTHWEST INDIANA – INDOT is warning drivers to stay off a roads wholly right now, generally in LaPorte and St. Joseph Counties, due to probably 100% white-out conditions in many areas and impassioned floating and flapping right now. INDOT plow crews are in full call-out, though in these conditions, miss of prominence is a biggest risk for drivers and INDOT crews.

Numerous accidents are being reported due to white-out conditions, generally nearby a LaPorte/St. Joseph County line. Currently, a critical collision has U.S. 20 shutdown, nearby State Road 2.

Currently, conditions on scarcely all state roads in Lake, Porter, LaPorte, St. Joseph, Marshall and Starke Counties are dangerous due to floating and flapping sleet and white-out conditions. But scarcely all of a northwest Indiana counties are influenced as well.

If we are already on a roads in a hardest strike areas, greatfully delayed down, stop early, leave copiousness of room between vehicles, and spin your headlights on. But a safest movement right now is to stay off a roads wholly until conditions improve.

Indiana County Travel Status: http://www.in.gov/dhs/traveladvisory

Michigan Road Conditions: http://www.michtip.state.mi.us/rw/home.htm

Here’s a latest opinion foresee from a WSBT 22 Weather Team:

Saturday Night: A Blizzard Warning is in outcome for many of a area until 10 PM tonight.  Lake outcome sleet continues with poignant floating and flapping along with whiteout conditions. Winds will spin some-more north by a dusk and will means a sleet bands to pull some-more westward.  This will also concede a eastern counties (mainly easterly of US-31) to transparent out. Because of this, temperatures Sat PM/Sun AM will tank fast. Some areas could tumble as low as -10°, with breeze chill values around -25°. Blowing flapping sleet continues for Sat PM and subsides by Sunday AM.

Sunday: A few early morning sleet showers, differently intensely cold. Temperatures will be sub-zero for many by a morning hours. Sunshine will demeanour by a clouds for many of a day with high temperatures usually around 5°.

Sunday night: Sub-zero continue expected again, though not as cold as Saturday night. Temperatures will tumble to 0 or somewhat below. Not as windy, either.

Next week: Our normal high heat is around 36°. we doubt we strike 20° subsequent week, with some-more sub-zero temperatures likely by a WSBT StormTracker Weather Team. Snow chances subsequent week demeanour to be in a form of lake outcome sleet once again.

Please be intensely discreet on a roads Saturday. we entirely design white-out conditions. Also, as always, greatfully remember your pets and stock as heat drop to nearby records Sunday morning (record low on that date is -10°). 

Warming centers

There are a integrate of options for people perplexing to stay comfortable this weekend.

Hope Ministries will be open this weekend starting during 9:30, and that goes until a continue freedom hours start.

You need to pointer adult to stay during those overnight hours.

You can also go to a O’Brien Recreation Center on East Walter Street Saturday and Sunday during a day.

WSBT 22 Weather App

Stay present on latest turn of sleet with a WSBT 22 Weather App — iOS http://ht.ly/mDuSA / Android http://ht.ly/mDuSB

Article source: http://www.wsbt.com/news/local/active-weather-likely-as-we-head-into-the-weekend/31260086

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