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Webb Automotive, Maid Brigade, winners of business awards

Roy and Tracie Webb, owners of Webb's Automotive, were named Small Business of a Year representing Lone Star College-CyFair.

Roy and Tracie Webb, owners of Webb’s Automotive, were named Small Business of a Year representing Lone Star College-CyFair. Courtesy Webb’s Automotive

Two Cy-Fair businesses were among a 6 respected during a 29th annual Lone Star College Small Business of a Year awards party Nov. 19. Roy and Tracie Webb, owners of Webb’s Automotive, took home a endowment as member of a Cy-Fair area. James and Susan Fordice with Maid Brigade of Northwest Houston were a winners representing University Park.

Roughly 350 people attended a awards rite to uncover support for a businesses nominated.

“This year’s theme—‘banquet of champions’—was aptly chosen,” pronounced Sal Mira, Director of a LSCS Small Business Development Center. “Lone Star College serves 1,400 block miles, and within so vast of a footprint are literally tens of thousands of tiny businesses, any looking to grow and prosper. Our finalists have not usually grown, though have been famous for value in a community. [They] have taken [their] dreams, put [their] possess collateral during risk, stayed watchful many nights, helped to emanate jobs and even found time to give behind to a community.”

A video display gave any finalist a possibility to speak about their tie to a communities they serve. The Webbs have been using their automotive correct business for some-more than 20 years.

“We essay to be really honest and have a good attribute with any customer,” Tracie said. “We’re really concerned in a village since we live there and work there. We’re concerned in a lot of a schools, we unite a lot of a sports teams. Globally, we unite dual children—one in Africa and one in Haiti.”

Upon usurpation a award, Roy dedicated it to his father, a tiny businessman who ran an bureau seat emporium and upheld divided 5 years ago.

“He was a loyal businessman,” Roy said. “I was taught during a immature age that nobody is a stranger. No matter where we went, everybody knew [my father]. It only creates we comprehend [small business] is what runs this country. We know it’s a payoff and we’ll try to respect this endowment any and any day to a customers.”

The Fordices have been using Maid Brigade of Northwest Houston—a residential and tiny blurb cleaning business—for some-more than 16 years in Cy-Fair. Over that time, they have partnered with Habitat for Humanity to offer cleaning services for new homes; with Cleaning for a Reason to offer giveaway monthly cleanings to cancer patients; and with Helping a Hero and Welcome Home Heroes, lending their services to troops personnel.

“I am so respected for a assignment and to be a partial of a finalist organisation that we’re in,” James said. “I have to give sum credit to dual people—my wife, who has stood behind me for a 16 years we’ve been doing this, and my daughter, Laura, who has brought us to a indicate where we are portion a village in further to flourishing a business.”

A sum of 6 businesses were comparison for a award—one representing any of Lone Star College’s 6 campuses. Other winners included:

Community members were means to commission businesses to a LSCS Small Business Development Center, that narrowed down a margin to 3 finalists for any campus. Other finalists in Cy-Fair enclosed Jon and Catherine Labuda with Mathnasium of Cy-Fair, who were famous for their joining to area schools, including portion as mentors, train buddies, giving present baskets for auctions and donating to a Cy-Fair Education Foundation, Cypress-area ministries and Reach Unlimited.

Claudia Orso with Panda Wellness Center was famous for charity giveaway sterilise and fix services and rabies vaccinations for untamed cats, participating in village fundraisers and operative with Cy-Fair ISD to teach students on pet caring and safety.

Finalists for University Park enclosed John and Kristen Basel with Basel’s All-Star Gymnastics Cheer. The Basels were famous for never branch down a ask for an auction object for school, church and nonprofit fundraisers, hosting performances during village events and operative with a Cypress Creek Christian Church, Cypress Creek Christian Community Center and a Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce.

James Parker with Shredding on a Go was famous for efforts to sinecure people with disabilities, swelling recognition to relatives and medical professionals about artistic ways to occupy people with disabilities, participating in H-E-B’s Earth Day jubilee and volunteering with a Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce.

“There are no losers here this evening,” Mira said.

Article source: http://communityimpact.com/2015/11/20/webb-automotive-maid-brigade-among-winners-of-small-business-awards/

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